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ffr submissions and Starshot
Posted on: January 10, 2009, at 12:53:10am

Okay, I'm at a point where I'm almost ready to say screw this, almost along the same lines of Starshot.

So my version of the Sparta remix, which is almost identical to hi19's but harder, was rejected for reasons I still don't get. Fine, I can deal with that.

But this latest rejection... leaves me at a loss for words. It seems that if a judge decides that this certain sound needs an arrow or that this is too easy/too hard/too unique/too repetitive, then it's rejected.

It's a bad cycle. You want fresh, innovative charts, and yet stick with rigid guidelines that it seems only the "favorite sons" can meet.

It wouldn't hurt FFR to get more independent music in. I've actually made efforts to secure you guys the rights of new artists. Doctor Steel, The Consortium of Genius, Funtastic Power, etc. However, it seems all FFR is for now is the same main artists. DJ Sharpnal and the lot is fine, but what happened to the days where we actually had real independent music like Excluded?

Simfiles are like a form of art to me, and it seems that the judges tend to act somewhat elitist like a gallery critic.

Will I regret making this post later? Probably. But right now, it needed to be said.