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Fourfinger-Lefty. Keys: adtj. Top 10 list is all FC or AAA. Why onehand? Because I can't keep up with the uberpro twohanders. Why lefty? Because it's more impressive. Why fourfingers? Because there are four arrows. I am officially tired of my uncreative "OneHand" suffix, and have created a new account: Zyroplex. Just so's ya knows, my avatar is from Master of Magic for MS-DOS.
Nuclear Engineering
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happyhardcore.com/radio (High-energy/rave). ultramaxmusic.com ("A fusion of Classical and Techno!").
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Card Man writes...
at 5:54:34am on 10/6/09
I have completely given up on One-Handing. I do not plan on going back.
I have not reached my true skill playing spread yet; but I am seeing dramatic improvements daily. Sorry man, it is just the way it has to be.
ChiefOlukOneHand writes...
at 5:46:35pm on 8/19/09
qwer felt too tight, so I spread to qe5y. Sometimes I would accidentally hit the f5 key (which causes instant auto-victory in Stepmania), so I shifted down a row to adtj. It's quite comfortable for me. [flatkeys]
garquillex writes...
at 3:13:58am on 8/19/09
adtj on your left hand? How is that possible? x_x I can barely push the keys down like that, lol
Card Man writes...
at 7:11:26pm on 6/29/09
You are four fingered; you will get WAY better than I was with one hand if you keep playing. I was 3 fingered. Good luck man; have fun!
PrawnSkunk writes...
at 5:16:45pm on 5/31/09
First person to post on your wall.