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Actually BlueOctave
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I realized that people actually look at this thing and decided to write something. I've been a casual ffr player since almost day 1, and while I am decent, I don't really care about 1000 fcs or any of that. I play for the enjoyment of the music, as most of my inspiration originally stemmed from this game. I'm 24 now, almost 25. Fuck. And I recently just got out of the Air Force. Feel free to pop me a message sometime if you'd like to chat or anything. And if anyone is willing to spruce up this profile thing, let me know. It'd be very appreciated. kbai <3
Music and games, that's about what I do. Oh and some tv, like adventure time and such. Ponies for sure. Octavia and Vinyl <3
Fav Music:
Daft Punk, Ronald Jenkees, pretty much just about everything but rap. To list my "favorites" would take far too long :P
Fav Movies:
I cry during too many movies.
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Zyphoror writes at 11:17:11pm on 4/26/12
Grats on vet :D Holy shit, 8.41 years lmao
8 Hour Whore writes at 6:47:20am on 4/25/12
Not a problem man ^.^
Always here to help when you need it. I've been around for far too long and know way too much lol
8 Hour Whore writes at 6:06:02am on 4/25/12
it works a lot better lol
If you use Flash 8 or Flash 9 (I say flash 9 because it's personally imo better for it.) it should help you out a bit ^.^
8 Hour Whore writes at 3:58:02am on 4/25/12
lol wow man.. There are still people that have been around longer then me ^.^
I've been on this site for 9 years now (excuse the account I finally made this one my main lol)
As for your problems with lag. Have you tried Standalone?
ELRayford writes at 9:30:53am on 3/29/12
I haven't really been playing to much FFR these days. So how are ya what have you been up to and are you 30 yet? lololol
ELRayford writes at 11:31:07am on 3/27/12
:O I remember you used to own me in challenges so often! Its been like wat 5-7 years?
ELRayford writes at 10:46:15am on 8/7/08
wow long time no see. I used to challenge you quite often as cyberpimp713, hit me back sometime :)
PenguinHead writes at 1:04:58am on 4/7/07
It's too hot on FFR