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Think you're good at drawing??
Posted on: February 18, 2009, at 04:43:11pm

well, you might be, but you havent seen my friend Kaien18's drawings! each one is amazing and uniquely drawn to epic proportions! Take a look and see what i mean XD

  1. i can draw 2 lol

  2. totally amazing!!!! btw i saw ur drawing!! its so cute XD

  3. OmG!!!He sure is good.
    Im pretty good too,but hes way better than me T.T

  4. dude!!
    robert cn draw amazing!!
    n he thinks he cnt!!
    he doesnt knw wtf hes talkin about!! lolz

  5. My friend
    Corrupt_XIII can draw too

  6. He's good,we're like...the same lvl.I hate drawing realistically...i only like drawing manga,but I'm good at both.Better in manga/anime style though. XD I also do pixel art on the computer,I'm good at that too,but idk why so many people i know,or even that I don't know,toolshade!I don't like to toolshade,I prefer to do the shading myself ^-^.But yeah...In my opinion,it's almost like being a lil' lazy,but that's just my view. XD

  7. No, I don't think I'm good at drawing, I tried to use a formula even, one of those "Draw an cross hair on the head" type things, and it came out all... twisted and deformed. :D

  8. I draw but my skill has dropped a lot this year :/