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Default Breakcore Ein Prosit [78 or 80]

I can't be the only person that finds this file stupid tough for a 78, even if you all disagree with 80, I feel as if this file should at least be in Scarhand range.

Looking at the stats, 15 AAAs, 101 FCs, 484 players. I'm mainly gonna be focusing on AAAs since that is what OWA said diffs are primarily based off of.

With 15 AAAs, it has the second least of any 78, falling just after Chaoz Japan v2 in that regard (which has 13). CJv2 has half as many players however, and it was released 8 months later.

This file is pretty bmah-y in that its extremely spike heavy. The intro jacks and gluts play fairly awkwardly, and the middle section is ridiculously tricky, particularly this one section.

The end gets pretty varied with jumpstream and burst patterns, making the file require strong jumpstream, jack, and burst ability.

I don't know what to really compare it to, but it's hardest section and overall difficulty is way harder IMO in comparison to Pandemonium, which has one infamous spike section as well.

Like I said, I'd be cool with this just getting bumped to a 79, but there's no reason for it to not give scarhand.

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lol happy
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Default Re: Breakcore Ein Prosit [78 or 80]

split jumpjacks

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