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Default Piano Etude (Gymnastics) (11 or 12?)

Alright, here we go.

This song is full of crazy-ass patterns. There are those one-handed 32nd/48th triplets in the middle of streams, then there's the rather dense (and hard to read) 24th JS with 48th blips.

Then there are jumpgluts.

Which get progressively faster (with some anchor patterns IIRC)

Basically, this should be a 12 if Reality and FN are FGOs IMO.

The above post has a 50% chance of being useless. Potentially. Maybe.

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Default Re: Piano Etude (Gymnastics) (11 or 12?)

solid 11, the only really challenging thing are the jacks and mini jacks, and only one jack requires you to do a one handed jump along with the jack and the mini jacks (16th jumps) aren't that fast and are hit-able with enough practice. High 11, arguably highest, but by no means a 12.
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Default Re: Piano Etude (Gymnastics) (11 or 12?)

it's a solid 11 but god this file pisses me off and i wish it never existed (sitting at the bottom of my level ranks)
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Default Re: Piano Etude (Gymnastics) (11 or 12?)

It's an 11, but a pretty goddamn hard one. It's definitely one of the hardest 11's.

Sometimes FFR difficulties make me wonder because it's not just about a single factor - you have to take into account many things.

Reality / Lolo / TTE are arguably "easier" than Piano Etude in many aspects..

But the jacks in Piano Etude are just LOLWUT. :P I find Piano Etude (Gymnastics) to be way harder than Lolo / Reality / TTE, but yeah... I'm okay with it being a very high 11.
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Default Re: Piano Etude (Gymnastics) (11 or 12?)

Solid 11, one of the hardest FMOs out there along with kono spoon and Toxiferous. (Though I only find Lolo as the only FGO that's easier than that file)

Only hard parts imo is the ending jumpglut and left and right jacks in my opinion. The stream isn't that bad, it doesn't scream FGO to me.
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Default Re: Piano Etude (Gymnastics) (11 or 12?)

"Jumpgluts" don't really have much significance at that speed unless they're filled with anchors. Gymnastics happens to have long jacks with several one handed anchor transitions.

It's actually harder to FC than something like Lolo and Reality because of the long jacks. Anchors can cause massive splitting issues, but I think this could stay as a high 11.
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