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Default 2015 November/December Set 2 (Complete)

Shades of Green - Nemesis Theory
System Doctor v2 - RoughSketch
Into a Dawn - Feridea
My Catchy Lil Bassline - Father-of-Death
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Default Re: 2015 November/December Set 2

gameboy42690 finished the primary judge task for November/December 2015 Set 2. The notes can be seen below; this thread is being moved over to Completed Sets and the results/notes will be updated in the November/December 2015 thread.

[8/10] Shades of Green {Nemesis Theory} (DarkZtar)
36.528: Change this green jump to a [13] jump. Everything in this color note theory segment has been consistently anchored except for this one jump, plus the change in jump would help distinguish this from 40.190 (the strings aren’t playing the same notes).
- I do also feel that overall the pitch relevancy on those green jumps could be a little better, such as what I pointed out above as well as 42.021 and 43.852. (43.852 is a higher pitch, but 42.021 is stepped with a [34] jump which would usually denote a higher pitch than a [24] jump.) I do like the structure you went with though, so if it’s not possible to improve pitch relevancy without breaking your current structure, I would say leave it as is. You should still change 36.528 though.
95.152: I think making the last note here instead of at 93.320 would give the file some better “closure”. Something about the current ending point doesn’t feel that satisfying; probably either the fact that you can still hear the lead instrument or because you only stepped seven out of the eight measures in the chorus. The cut at the very end is a little sudden though, so I would do a recut of the song too just to fix that ending.
There’s really not much else to say here. Good structure, generally good PR, it’s a good easy file.

[8/10] System Doctor v2 {RoughSketch} (hi19hi19)
10.974 & 18.359: I can hear an 8th drum in between these sets of white notes. It’s not easily noticeable though and it wouldn’t have mattered much to me if you stepped it or not, although on the other hand...
29.436: There’s a few more 8ths here too that were left out. But here I found it a little more irritating since you do step a 4th and an 8th going to the same bass kick that you ignored the rest of the time. I found this kind of thing a bunch of other times in the file too; it seems like you wanted at least a distance of one 4th note between the white notes and the note after the white notes. There’s structure, which is nice, but it leads to this kind of thing where only a handful of bass kicks are arbitrarily stepped. I can’t really see this as just wanting to scale back on the difficulty; there’s plenty of other 8th streams as well as some tricky bursts, so I don’t really see any reason to scale back here.
34.801: Missing 16th. I’m guessing this was intentionally left out just to lower the difficulty (strange since the ending tends to be a lot harder), but if you turned this into a 1-2-3-4-[12] pattern I don’t think it would be a much bigger deal than what you have now.
64.397-93.936: Personally I would have turned this into a half-speed section (/nitpick).
99.647: Missing 16th.
111.301: Missing 16ths.
156.705: Why did you stop stepping minijacks here?
Overall this was actually a lot more enjoyable than the crapton of 32nd walls in the current version of System Doctor, good job.

[7.5/10] Into a Dawn {Feridea} (hi19hi19)
10.875: 12th note should be changed to a left arrow, like all the other drum hits. Now if these two notes were closer together I’d understand trying to avoid a minijack, but these two notes are only 0.17 seconds apart, vs. the 32nds at 16.722 which are 0.163 seconds apart and all placed on the left arrow…
20.749: Missing 16th for the drum.
270.638-271.320: I’m struggling to hear what these 16ths are going to. From what I can hear, the flute doesn’t start playing 16ths until 271.320.
341.547: Same as above.
Honestly, there’s very little in this file that I have to comment on. The only reason the rating is this low is because of the long jumpstreams; they got boring for me after a while and by the time I reached the end all I was thinking was “Wow, I’m glad that’s over.” It’s all technically correct but I lost interest before the song was over. If cutting the song is an option I would highly recommend it, because as it is right now the file just seems to drag on forever, especially the last minute and a half of the song. The file’s technically acceptable but I can’t see myself wanting to play the song again after getting the AAA.

[6.5/10] My Catchy Lil Bassline {Father-of-Death} (M0nkeyz)
- Newgrounds changed their policy, song needs artist’s permission (artist is not currently listen in the permissions thread). I looked up Father-of-Death and yeah he does say “Go ahead and use” on his Newgrounds profile, although it seems more intended for games on Newgrounds than for us. I’d ask for permission just to be safe, it’s a good formality anyway.
- Also, in SM the artist comes up as “Unknown Artist”. Please remember to fill in the artist field when you make your simfiles.
3.396: This is a lower pitch than the previous note, so the minijack doesn’t make sense.
8.330: This 64th feels a little early. Using a 24th actually felt better to me. There’s a bunch of these early 64ths throughout the file, please look into fixing those.
8.764: For these jumps, better pitch relevancy would have been [12]-[34]-[23] as opposed to [12]-[23]-[34]. The latter implies going from a low note to a high note, which isn’t what the synth is doing.
12.238: While technically accurate, the polyrhythms that result from stepping the piano and everything else you had been stepping up to this point I didn’t really find that fun and feels kind of messy.
12.869: Missing jump.
14.290: Careful with these 16th minijacks. Most of the minijacks in this file don’t correspond to anything in the song. (Although each note on its own does go to something, a minijack is typically used for a repeating sound and this minijack doesn’t have that going for it.)
14.646: Going back to my point about the 64th usage… You stepped this same drum pattern with 12ths and 24ths back at 9.290. Why are you using a 64th this time?
16.422: Missing 32nd. (The drum is a little tricky to hear, but it’s there.)
16.896: The drum actually starts here, not at 16.975.
18.448: And now there’s a 24th note for a drum pattern you originally stepped as a 16th. Why the inconsistency?
26.290: There should actually be a stream of 32nds here for the drum.
27.396: I guess this hand technically works, although it usually strikes me as odd when there’s only one hand in a file, especially when the note being played in the song doesn’t have that much of an oomph to it.
28.027 etc.: The only notes that should be stepped with jumps are when the brass is playing, which is only every other 4th note. Here there’s only a piano note, there’s no other instrument that could be layered.
The file’s not bad by any means but isn’t quite ready for FFR yet, so I’ll put this in Conditional Queue. I think you need to work on better pitch relevancy overall and sort out that 24th/64th stuff I mentioned.
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oh boy, it's STIFF, I'll stretch before I sit down at the computer so not I'm not as STIFF next time I step a file
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