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Default Re: 16th Official Tournament Batch Discussion Thread

The 16th Official Tournament Batch is now closed. Once again, the FFR community has risen to the challenge of ensuring our flagship event will offer the best possible content for every division in every round. On behalf of all FFR staff, a sincere thank you for all 125 of your submissions!

All simfile submissions are now closed for the time being while we work through the backlog awaiting judgement.

FFRís simfile judgements will look slightly different going forward. We have a lot of files to look at, and we want to be able to re-open submissions as soon as possible. To achieve these goals, the following will take place: (Also posted to the submission rules thread)

Judgements will be structured a lot more like those done for the Dump Batch last year. Which is to say, judges will no longer be expected to write an in-depth technical review for each file.
There will be more generalized notes written rather than giving timestamps and listing individual suggestions. Judges will instead write a minimum of 2-3 sentences for each chart that details their rating justification.

All other factors of the judge system will remain the same. (All ratings x/10, Two judges per file, Third judge policy etc)

This judgement system will remain in effect for all files sent to FFR until further notice.

Judges will now be assigned sets of files according to this priority:
1. Files in the OT Batch highly rated for tournament viability by the OT Planning Committee AND are in the most needed difficulty ranges (Roughly 25-60 and 100+)
2. Other files in the OT Batch highly rated for tournament viability by the OT Planning Committee
3. Return to regular batch files (Continue working through Aug/Sept 2022 batch)

There will still be a few judge note sets posted that were assigned before the OT Batch closed, but weíll start getting through OT Batch files with this new judge style very soon!
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