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Default Re: Jan/Feb 2020 Set 2

Appeal file results per TC_Halogen

Appeal Files
I’ll Fight Back (psychoangel691) [7.5/10]
* - 30.60s, 30.99s, 67.38: jump
- Jumps are now found in those corresponding locations.

*- 65.83-66.12s,171.12-171.41s: [14] jacks sandwiched between a prior jumpstream and a subsequent 32nd roll is mad uncomfortable. This is the sort of pattern I'd reserve for a harder file. For this, I'd recommend changing the jumpjack chord, which inevitably will mean that you'd need to change the previous jumptrill and possibly the 32nd roll prior to that as well. There is certainly difficulty built in other areas of this file, but I still don't feel that [14] jacks would fit the difficulty.
- While 155 BPM jumpjacks are fairly tricky, I do feel like it fits the difficulty just fine. A good counterexample to this point is “All I Wanna Do Is Touch Your Powerpoints”, which is currently rated an 85 -solely- because of an abrupt 9-note jumpjack at literally one BPM lower -- none of the other jacks would make the file higher in rating. These are only 5-note jumpjacks that the player is pretty nicely guided into. Additionally, there’s an entire section of sustained 232.5 BPM 16th note light jumpstreaming (the equivalent of 24ths at 155).

*- 133.18s: hand
- Jump now found in corresponding location.

I feel like this is an appropriate appeal; conditions were resolved for all objective issues and I do think there’s an adequate defense for leaving the structure the way it is. CQ should be overturned with this chart being pushed to an acceptance.

Opia (Psychotik) [x/10]
*- 43.90s,46.72s,47.17s,47.34s: Missing 16ths to percussion.
*- 52.86s: This is actually a small section of polyrhythm involving two 24ths and a 16th. No 32nds here.
*- 55.02s,56.43s,57.84s,etc.: Missing 16ths (except for main melody areas which appear to be deliberately omitted). Closer to the end of the song, the 16th patterns become more filled and complex, but there are still some occasional missing 16ths, so check all of these areas.
*- 59.08s,70.37s,166.37s: Except no 16ths here!
*- 135.58s.: Just a single arrow is fine.

Melody appears to accommodate for all notes as far as I’m able to hear at both lower and higher rates; CQ should be overturned with this chart being pushed to acceptance.
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