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Default Re: TWG 194 - Game Thread


-I think haku's wishy washiness is bad, they seemed to sheep the townread on me when i was consensus town in early days but not that it is apparent i could be mislycnhable they are building into lynching me, but still not really committing to a scumread. I get i can be tough to play with, but their progression on me feels super fake

-I think mml is probably town here, not really going into the claims for the read but outisde that i think his frustration is towny and I really think he is completely fucking up reading me (not my alignment but literally what I am saying). He has like very poor attention to detail and at this point in the game i feel like wolves just don't do that, misinterpreting me and the fact me and mml can't find each other at all, not even alignment wise but like what we are trying to say leans town to me. It feels like he is trying to scumhunt here but just doing it in the wrong place and ineffectively could be due to desperation, could be culture clash but i feel like this is town and if it isn't well fuck me.

-DBP in any scum idle world this is the scum, in any scum non idle world then haku was blocked last night fmpov, so dbp and haku are in a 1v1 in my head. I think mikey's push with the fake cop red was stupid yesterday, if he had of just actually pushed dbp maybe it could've been lynched. Aside from that why do I think he is scum? Tbh I don;t really have an inclination myself but in the past when I have been lost in a game and unsure, looking to dead town is where you find the answers. If I am not confident i should be listening to someone who is. Mikey was obviously 100 percent on this read so it is definitely something i am paying attention too.

-Bolth i brought up yesterday, he seems more interested in looking towny than solving the game and this perspective kind of slipped through, so i don't like that potnetial scum

-wolfe: town for kind of mindmelding with me a bit yesteryda but this is my least confident read, i agreed with them on bolth and they seemed excited when we mindmelded too? slight town lean but if they are scum then never with bolth

-jessie i have no read on i cant remember any of their posts really nothing was memorable which is obviously not great

-last person i am forgetting sorry whoever you are
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