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Default Re: TWG 194 - Game Thread

DaBackPack: I was leaning DBP scum at the start of the game as his playstyle wasnít really what I was used to from him, he wasnít really trying to push anything and seemed to lack direction. His play since FFA faked a redcheck has been more in line with what Iím used to, and I have no reason or knowledge enough of the setup to disbelieve any claims that have been made. His soft is way too big brain for me, but it is also very very detailed and goes back all the way to d0, so if he is faking, he has definitely put the effort and the planning in, which I guess I canít rule out, DBP is a very capable player.

Hakulyte: Haku was extremely towny early game. This is weird for me as Iíve always struggled to read Haku in past games. I didnít really question it until this phase though with the block. He IS doing his normal strange scumworld lists which are only said, I imagine, to gauge reactions, so Iím still town reading him for the most part, but this is my best choice for under the radar wolf.

JessieBessie: Pretty much always a wolf. Their appearances have always been brief and full of fluff but I noticed her entrance yesterday had a lot of focus on trying to make a MML/DBP scum team a probability, which besides me simply not believing it, would make us doubt their roleblock claims in the following phases, which could potentially be Jessie trying to protect her team mates. Possibly a stretch but thereís been nothing towny from this slot and if she isnít a wolf, I have no idea what this game is.

Ullea/Wolfe: I have struggled to read this slot all game. Ullea was a straight null for me, their points made a lot of sense but also Leeticís catch on Ulleaís post also made a lot of sense. Wolfe has come in strong and been saying a lot of things that make sense, and seems to have put effort in solving. I was quite skeptical of how quick he was to sheep Dusks read on me, and this phase has given me the impression again that he is following people (Leetic, this time) rather than coming out with his own thoughts.

Leetic: Iím a little concerned that Leetic hasnít been NKd even though he was first PR to out, but Iím guessing wolves didnít see him as a threat if he was a 1-shot. I do believe his claim, and therefore am not considering a vote here. Leetic is someone I would have probably tunneled on earlier in the game if there was no PR outing, as his play has been quite convoluted and he always seems like he has more knowledge than he lets on, but this would be a pretty huge tinfoil at this point in the game and is not something Iím interested in pushing.

MixMasterLar: I am a sucker for AtE and his ĎíI forgotíí thing regarding the Roleblocker strengthened his claim for me. If I am wrong about this then I hate myself, but Iím pretty certain MML is exactly who he says he is. I think his progressions have been very natural all game.

Duskfall: Iíve been saying it most of the game but Iím pretty certain Dusk is scum. I thought he was town during memephase, but his refusal to get serious or take part in any sort of active solving since has drastically changed my read on him. His entrance today has also been disgusting, by assuming we have lost. He has seemed disinterested in helping town throughout the game, with a large majority of his posts since getting a little more serious last phase were all to do with mechanics only and his reads were trash and nonexistent.

With everything in mind, I think the team is Duskfall/Jessie/Wolfe and I would also lynch in this order.

I want to vote Dusk.
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