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Default Re: TWG 188: MAD17, Who's Role Is It Anyway? [GAME THREAD]

as for the players I didn't cover yet:

antori - null, no posts other than early posts sussing xel and "I'm sad you cut me off"
xelicopter - I'm getting flashbacks to last game when you were describing the different powers you could use in the night, and the last time I lynched you I was fucking wrong. town lean
h&h - shadow_god vote was too strong, first impressions too weak. town
jessie - not wolf after cocoa's death. town
precarious - null, literally 1 post and cloud_wine was ???
psychoangel - I don't think her posts on D0 were as eyebrow raising as some people think, so I got a rather null impression at first. now, I think the random reflection she had on shadowgod and his post re: fencing talk seems to be wayyyy too specific of a callout to be retroactive distancing. town lean


sunfan - town
MML - town lean
Subaru - town

I want to see how xiz is feeling
I get your points sunfan, but I still don't know what his expected answer and/or payoff was going to be

alignment cop STILL hasn't claimed, so I'm hoping that they weren't tossed out/killed and one of the nulls comes in and stomps some faces
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