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Default Re: TWG 188: MAD17, Who's Role Is It Anyway? [GAME THREAD]

Originally Posted by MixMasterLar View Post
Your vote was gross and it's worth trying to figure out where it came from. It looks like it came from a place where you saw me attempt having order sooner and not later and wanted to disrupt that first.

Or was it my vote on Enquisit that got your goat?

It's half a phase later and you haven't even attempted to do anything, and I know your present enough to do it because you no problem responing to me.

If I'm too defensive for your taste I can gladly go aggro and take your thunderdome challenge on Funnygurl ; if anyone here is freining activity it's you and I ain't gonna just let it slide after that subpar vote logic you used. Either do something to further the game in town's favor or die here to make way for those who will.
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