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Default Re: TWG CLXXVII-The Resident Evil Game(mini version)

Originally Posted by flashflash account View Post

I'm also going to poke him on discord

"just a reminder that FFR game exists"

plserino no modkillerino

he's usually fairly active on NSM
Yeah, please don't. I have a job and cannot post during school hours. The game says no ootc, which bion means no ootc, and for someone who just made a fuss at me in discord about doing that several games ago, you should know better. >:/

Originally Posted by Zoshi View Post
Originally Posted by flashflash account View Post
He underestimates me

Like said I think they're actual questions he had but it's concerning that he didn't figure out the answers on his own. Imo either he's trying to earn some "noob town" points or hes covering up his previous questions so you can see why thats not a good look

He also vanished for the rest of the evening which is nai, just slightly irritating

Lots of people posted once and vanished oh well
if Olimar could comment on this that would be fab
Gladly. Noc loves him some angle-shooting They were honest questions. I prefer to get how the game works down before playing so that I can see from all angles. It's easier to miss-read people if you don't fully understand how the roles work (i.e. how they would be thinking).

As for "vanishing" last night I was simply not on my computer (my preferred method of playing forum games with no ootc). Took a damn long time to catch up with the thread though. 19 pages already wow (longer than I'm used to).

Originally Posted by Funnygurl555 View Post
this is unrelated and kinda creepy, but i've never played twg with you zoshi and prolly curry and rice either, but i was rereading past twgs 4 years ago and i remember your names in some of the games

also remember olimar from nsm 'cause i played a game there before

im creepy
Wow, TWG 69. I literally don't even remember this! I'll have to go reread that in a bit.

Despite my little interactions here, reading through the thread Noc reads pretty town for me right now, based on past interactions with him (both as wolf partners and as humans).
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