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Default Re: Rules/Submission Guidelines

The below are the results for my assigned 6/12/17 Pending Fixes. Hesperides has been put back to Conditional Queue.

Welcome to My Kastle
Rainbow Archiver
Your Lies
Smoke Weed Everyday

Conditional Queue

[8/10] Welcome to My Kastle
- 23.87, 31.55, 39.23, 46.91: These should be changed to be consistent with what's mentioned at 131.40
- 146.51: Missing offsetted note

[8/10] Rainbow Archiver
- 112.07: Missing 32nd [RESOLVED - very quiet note]

[7/10] Hesperides
- Offset to change to 0.480
- 163.61: This part is stepped awkwardly. It may be a good idea to get rid of this 32nd note, or just have the 5-note 32nd burst with the 12th at 163.55 removed. [RESOLVED - goofed this one, I meant 163.45 but upon looking again this isn't a problem]
**- 170.55: The incomplete 32nd bursts here are misleading. The jumps should be removed to account for stepping the full 5-note bursts. [UNRESOLVED - 170.77 and 170.81 should be stepped as 32nd notes, 170.89 is a ghost 32nd. The patterning is also a bit tight in the anchors here]
**- 183.97: Missing 16th for bass kick
**- 189.82, 190.13: Missing 16ths for bass kick before 32nd burst (these can be patterned properly as well) [UNRESOLVED - The 16ths were added, but there are nasty anchors here on the down arrow]
**- 206.55: Missing jump [UNRESOLVED]
**- Please cover items marked with ** for acceptance.

[7.5/10] Your Lies
- 118.70, 121.45: Missing 8th note
- 166.37, 169.13, 171.89, 174.64, 177.06: Missing 16ths
- 201.11: Could add a jump here
- 213.26: Should be the 48th before (see 207.72)

[8/10] Smoke Weed Everyday {Rasmus Hedegaard} (Xiz)
- This was a special case as the changes were made by the judge by request.
- Offset changed to -0.133, and BPM changed to 100.08 (from 100.00)
- 9.868 etc.: Ghost note. This same exact 16th ghost note appears every time the lyrics "smoke weed everyday" come up. (Occasionally there's actually a synth being played between "weed" and "everyday", and in those cases you're okay. Other times there's nothing being played and you're left with a ghost note.) Pitch relevancy could also use some fixing up around here. "Smoke" is a higher note than "weed", so a pattern like 4-3 would make a lot more sense than the current 2-4 pattern. [RESOLVED]
- 10.768 etc.: The two chopped vocals this mini-jack is going to doesn't make that much sense as a mini-jack, since the two syllables here are two completely different syllables and pitches instead of a repetition of the same syllable with the same pitch (such as "smo-o-o-o-oke" where you stepped the 5-note long jacks). [RESOLVED - not minijacks anymore)
- 57.394: I'd change this 2-4-[13] pattern to something like 1-2-[34], in order to better distinguish what's being played in the song here is completely different from what's being played at 57.734. (Notice the inflection on "up" compared to the next few lyrics; it sounds very different from what comes immediately after but the steps don't really reflect that). [RESOLVED]
- 104.211: The vocals here are an exact repetition of what was played from 26.550-29.548, but here you stepped a mini-jack that you didn’t step the first time around. Like the mini-jacks I pointed out earlier, this mini-jack doesn’t really fit (same reason as before) so I would get rid of the mini-jack. [RESOLVED - not a minijack anymore]
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