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Default Re: Rules/Submission Guidelines

Finished up my pending fixes. All four files are accepted.

With the exception of Nightfall (Original Mix), the other three files were special cases where the stepartist gave permission to have the judge make changes according to the review. The notes provided below are documentation of all the changes that have been made. Dossar has reviewed all three files and has accepted the changes.

3 Year Mix (Razor & Xiz) - Accepted
- Special case in which the stepartist gave permission to have the judge make the changes according to the review given.
34.791: Single note changed to jump.
47.330: Single note changed to jump.
51.725: Deleted ghost 32nd note. The forced mini-jack is gone too.
52.604: Extended 16th jackhammer by one note.
52.955: White note switched to a normal blue note.
57.526: Same as above (yellow note this time)
64.440: Added missing 4th note.
65.612: Added missing 32nd burst.
67.370-69.245: Added missing 16ths for the snare hits.
70.065: Changed to a 24th trill.
76.100 & 77.799: Added additional notes for drum.
80.846: 32nds changed to 24ths.
82.643 (basically the entire Toothless Hawkins bit): Fixed all the 24th swing.
96.667: Deleted ghost 16th.
99.479: Changed jump to single note, deleted a few ghost notes.
99.74: Jump changed to single note.
101.823: Added 16th note.
105.339: Deleted ghost 32nds.
106.432: Added 48th grace note.
113.542: Changed 12th note to 16th jack.
121.745: Added 16th mini-jack.
144.421: Okay, guitar solos are admittedly a weak point of mine, but I did my best to try and make it somewhat accurate. I think it's kind of messy but Dossar made no mention of additional fixes for this part so whatever. *shrug*
168.150: Fixed the polyrhythm. It's straight 24ths now.
169.602 & 175.796: Fixed the grace notes going to the guitar wailing. There's only two grace notes now instead of three, and the second grace note actually occurs at the right time.
170.279: Added missing notes.
171.118: Tweaked the patterning here a bit. Just adding in the missing 12th didn't really flow well.

Miss Jackson (Xiz) - Accepted
- Special case in which the stepartist gave permission to have the judge make the changes according to the review given.
30.046: Added in a 32nd burst. Same thing at 47.607.
34.436: Added a 16th here for the bass kick.
- I chose to leave in a couple of jumps that were stepped to the guitar plucking. Even though the main focus of the layering is the bass kick, I think the plucks add a bit of variety. It would be too impractical to try and jump all of the plucks though, so it's only done twice.
41.753: Changed 16th jump to a single note. A jump technically works since there's a bass kick here, but none of the other 32nd bursts begin with a jump so it just seems out of place.
46.326: Left arrow should have also been white to correspond with the vocals. Fixed.
49.070: Added a 16th jump for the bass kick (again at 54.924)
- Naturally I had to adjust a few patterns for the sake of flow, otherwise I tried to leave all the patterns as close to the original submission as possible.
66.082: PR on the jumps got a little messed up (second AY is definitely not a different pitch from the first)
72.313 etc.: There was this odd recurring issue of leaving out an 8th note during the chorus and I couldn't really figure out why it was omitted or why nobody brought it up in the review (in retrospect it's pretty easy to tell I was a new judge just by looking at some of my notes from that set, lol). These 8ths have all been filled in.
72.496 etc.: Turned these bass kicks into 16th jumps. I don't think everyone's going to be a fan of the anchoring but at the very least it stays consistent with the "Miss Jackson" jacks and how the bass kicks were being layered earlier.
81.643: Added a jump for the drum here as well. I don't think it's what I personally would have done had this been my file, but Xiz did it later on so I'm just trying to stay consistent with his work.
84.752: I guess technically these bass kicks should be stepped as jumps as well, but the trouble here is that they conflict with the jumps to "whoa-o-o-o-oah" so I'm just leaving these as single notes.
- From this point on the fixes are a repeat of earlier. The bridge was completely untouched.

Nightfall (Original Mix) (XelNya) - 8.5/10 - Accepted
- Honestly I didn't even really notice any [14] spam. Besides, I'd rather have [14] spam than down arrow spam.
- Fixes approved!

Problematic - Accepted
- Special case in which the stepartist gave permission to have the judge make the changes according to the review given.
12.807: PR was backwacks, this has been corrected. Same at 24.101.
29.483: Added a 16th note for the high-frequency synth. Even though you can argue that Xiz only intended to follow the vocals and drum, it just feels weird leaving out one fairly prominent synth note.
31.204: Deleted a ghost 32nd note.
- A lot of these 32nd bursts contained ghost notes. These have all been addressed.
33.542: Changed to a 16th note.
46.953: Added a 16th note for the drum.
53.394: Changed the patterning here to be way less repetitive.
59.747: Xiz seemed pretty back and forth on whether to step the snare drum with hands or jumps. I went ahead and made all of them hands.
90.100: Fixed the timing on this burst.
94.865: Changed to an 8th jump for the bass kick.
101.394: Changed the staircase pattern to a 4-3-2-1 roll (which fits the song way better and isn't such a difficulty spike).
114.276: Added missing 18th jump for the bass kick.
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