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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread

So my thought about the game is this:

Generally d0 was a shitfest. Freeze was acting silly, I don't blame anyone who voted for him. I'm trying to find people who acted suspicious but basically everyone acted like the confirmed towns. If you look at the people who posted a lot, like charu and AA, they are now confirmed town. The wolves didn't really need to say much (I think) to get what they wanted.
I also don't like how so many people justify peoples dumb actions with "they always act dumb". It's avoiding the issue and not helping at all. Everyone should try and be as clear as possible and help town. The only one who would act weird is a wolf in my eyes (like zenith).


storn42 - neutral - doesn't seem scum but I don't really like him. He doesn't post much and also; don't use white text in posts. It's really weird.
Yoshl - town - mainly gut feeling, been pretty active and acted a lot like the confirmed townies.
wineandbread - seems pretty town, doesn't post much but when he does it's quality.
roundbox - neutral - He is acting pretty weird but not enough for me say scum.
MixMasterLar - town - Seems to be calling out stupid stuff and his posts generally make sence to me.
XelNya - scum - All he does is act aggressive and belittle everyone instead of using arguments and being productive. He also seemed to avoid his accusations by pretty much just saying "guess you're killing a townie then", felt like a cop-out
Also, I don't even know what arbys is
Precarious - neutral - please post more
Vendetta21 - neutral - please post more
Hakulyte - scum - seems really suspicious of me for almost no reason. I would be happy if you could explain more.
ShadoWolfe - town - not sure what to say, don't really have any strong feelings about him. Seems good for the most part.
Andy-o24 - neutral - Hard to say anything about him. Seems pretty nice.
gold stinger - town - dicks all the way in the beginning, but his serious posts have been really good.
inDheart - neutral - Reading youre stream of thoughts is pretty annoying, I hope you actually write what you think of each person.
danceflashrevo - neutral/scum - doesn't really respond enough to all the accusations that people throw against him. I really hope he responds with more later today.
_Zenith_ - scum - childish; I didn't like how he acted during d0. He improved a little now but still _Zenith_. Answer the call.
Tokzic - scum - gut feeling, also please post more

Biggest suspect: Zenith
I really wish everyone would be more active (inb4 "you didn't post anything on d0")

As for some replies:
Originally Posted by andy-o24 View Post

Seen checking the thread and playing FFR,
Playing FFR? Please explain wtf you mean.

Originally Posted by danceflashrevo View Post
Why wouldn't it? I'm not really sure about how the role flipping would work. Would any outcome ever really clear you? I still believe your claim and all but, idk maybe someone could explain it to me.
No you're right, no outcome would clear me but me dying would clear AA. That was my point. Wolves obviously wouldn't be stupid enough to kill me with the arrow but if they did I wouldn't really be mad, I would be glad that they didn't choose someone else.

Originally Posted by MixMasterLar View Post
I think Pazzaz answered this, but I took it as he didn't have a strong scumlean to do this with.
I already explained that, switching two towns minimizes the impact but doubles the chance of it doing something. As I could only use it on N1 I tried to guarantee its effectiveness.

Originally Posted by Precarious View Post
Lots of people get nightkilled for a variety of reasons, so the outcry makes more sense if those people knew Charu shouldn't have died. But the only people that could know that are are the killers themselves, Pazzaz, and potentially a watcher-type role if that exists in this game.
Yea but would a wolf really dare to show his surprise? Like, shadow and mml were both surprised by it. Do you think both are wolves?

also fluff
Originally Posted by FreezinIce View Post
I could be persuaded to kill pizzazz if people switched however
tanks for not killing pizza

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Pazzaz (Null) - dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks
Originally Posted by MixMasterLar View Post

Damn, the turbo game was really easy compared to this stress-hell.
Originally Posted by Buta-san View Post
Originally Posted by ilikexd View Post
tfw nanahira will never step on u
youll be surprised how possible this is.
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