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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread

Quick gut reads:

YoshL is town. His play is both thoughtfully aggressive and actually considers the game. The latter is hard to do honestly if you're playing an aggressive wolf.

Andy feels wolfish to me. Way too many red flags, and his tone/style of play seems to jump around too much.

Shadow is town, if only because I have trouble imagining a wolf pouring through that many older games.

Zodiac feels town. Weird absence early, but his play since appearing reminds me too much of his previous game.

Xel seems town after EoD.

One of Haku and MML is a probably a wolf, given the antagonism, although a town-town fight is possible.

DFR is likely a wolf, given the weird game to this point and AA dying soon after pushing for DFR pressure.


Better reads based off of more than instinct will come after I get some sleep.
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