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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread

Originally Posted by MixMasterLar View Post
At first it was a meta read because you skipped shitposting. I tried ignoring it as you would know if you read any of my post bet hey it persists.

And now that AA is dead you're basically wanting to argue about Paz being a possibility right after I narrowed it down to you and Shado. If you where town trying to solve the game you would probably just agree with me on Shado, but a Wolf Haku would be self-conscience about being the one to name the wolf out of the pile and I can see him wanting to argue to open up the pool, not actually find the wolf.
Why would a wolf haku frame himself to make himself look bad to get town read?

Originally Posted by MixMasterLar View Post
Add in that AA was considering going over your post again really recently and it all adds up to you probably being the one that did it. Again, you're welcome to prove me wrong although you are doing a bad job of it.
I'm definitely constantly worth revisiting at any phase of the game.

Originally Posted by MixMasterLar View Post
Because it's so unlikely. There are multiple people who commented on this subject. You would see them if you read the thread.
I've been more self-conscious about second guessing scenarios since how Turbo VII ended, but telling you that is not really alignment indicative. whatever.

Originally Posted by MixMasterLar View Post
Like a wolf who hasn't read the thread that well and is bad at gambits.
That makes sense to me, but I simply don't see how else to express this.
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