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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread

andy (1)- Charu
charu (1)- Precarious
xel (5)- roundbox, V, freezin, Tokzic, Shado
zenith (1)- Xel
freezin (5)- gold stinger, storn, Haku, wine, Lar
Shado (2)- AA, Yoshl
unvote (1)- freezin

was the votecount at the time of post #1085

post #1085 contained text that was directly copy pasted from FreezinIce's role PM.

FreezinIce has died, his flip is as follows:

FreezinIce, you are Devdan. You are an… interesting Halberdier, to say the least. You kinda like flowers, but you’re also just really, really weird. You have this strange affinity for children that’s… honestly kind of creepy. You don’t really seem to care, though. You just wanna admire the flowers.
Once during the game, during a night phase, you can leave camp to find a flower field. You cannot be targeted by night actions when this happens.

The 2nd post in the thread will contain all cardflips with accompanying role PM.

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