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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread

Here til EoD.

I don't want to lynch Freezin. His tone/responses read too similar to CLIX imo.

Xel I'm not sure of. I wasn't getting wolfish vibes, but it's definitely a possibility since he feigns anger fairly well as wolf and that seems to be his go-to response to pressure (except for the last turbo where he was like "yeah fuck this I concede".
I probably will have to ISO him, but I feel like it'll all be a certain kind of XelPost and I'm too fucked already just trying to sort the last 300 posts (3pages/100ppp) and trying to read nineteen fucking players.

I'm not gonna vote him since this is D0 and he isn't here to defend himself, but my top scumread is Haku. He consistently attempts to take a specific protown approach to his wolfgames, and he's doing that here despite never doing it as town.

I think Zenith is playing worse than either Xel or Freezin, but that's not necessarily alignment-indicative. I'm gonna take a closer look in a moment (EoD's in 75mins but it shouldn't take me long lol)

Also wanna take another look at Tokzic. He seems to be flying really UTR so I'mma take a closer look.

My town shortlist:
andy town
gold stinger so town I wanna marry him and his dicks plural
storn probably town
Vendetta probably town
Charu probably town, but this is TBA depending on potential tell.

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