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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread

Originally Posted by FreezinIce View Post
Holy crap would you lay off condemning me for my freaking intro, it's WIFOM at its finest. "Ohhhhh did he put it there to give the ILLUSION OF CONTRIBUTING?" No, I explained in the paragraph that literally came right before it why I made it.
it's not wifom at all. I'm saying that anyone can give commentary about how you think wolves are supposed to act. You quite obviously spent more time formatting that post than actually making any substantial reads. It's illusory contributions because you don't follow up by elaborating any of your reads in the context of wolfiness that you have so nicely provided. By coupling the idea that your megapost was a reads post, and filling it with something other than reads in hopes that people are impressed by quantity (you were hyping it up like, ok here's a big post incoming big reads post let's go i'm writing a big reads post) it becomes filler that seems disengenuous. None of this is WIFOM. this is analysis of your post.

In the end I'm just concluding alot of the stuff piled up on me is WIFOM stretches on "typical" scumplay. But when you have nothing else to go on but that and "tone", I'm sure that's infinitely more appealing than just killing an inactive. Now I just think back to MML and his assertion that tone is an "excellent" tool to catch scum d0, and I chuckle. The annoying thing is I can't refute this nonsense without using WIFOM myself, because the premise is flawed to begin with.
And given that your general reaction has been to lash out at anyone who's tried to call you out on shit (when i called you out on you mentioning that i called AA out very early but actually didn't) you immediately turned hostile after that, and after i noted to you that it was my 23rd post out of 60 at the time, you completely ignored the fact, didn't even "oh ok. I was wrong", but essentially dropped it off to the side and never addressed it again. I find it interesting, because i was questioning one of your reasons for town reading me, and dropping that one point should have actually been pretty non-consequential. However, freezin is kinda giving off a very avoidance type tone with the majority of his posts.

Even here he says "The annoying thing is I can't refute this nonsense without using WIFOM myself, because the premise is flawed to begin with." and like, that's false. You can literally say why the premise is flawed to begin with, and state why, instead of trying to WIFOM?????

I'm actually super set on freezin, and I don't think my vote is moving. Xell is reading null to me, probably because I actually h aven't been paying much attention to him at all this game

Originally Posted by Charu View Post
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