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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread

I know the stereotype of good town play is to never give in and always fight to stay alive, but its pretty demoralizing to see people piling on you using secondhand logic and things that aren't even indicative of scum.

Freezin I dunno, yoshl and storn made some good points against you. Especially the big post around 700 or so where you put a lot of wolf play stereotyping. If you're going to have detailed reads that you don't decide to give because you didn't complete it, just share what you did do. What's the harm? Plus your reactions after getting called out are plain bad. It's not just about your tone. I'm trying to see a case where your posts come from a town, and it's mostly similar to Zenith's position, except that you actually tried and then got flak for it because it wasn't that good. FreezinIce
1. What points did they make that you liked so I can destroy them.

2. Holy crap would you lay off condemning me for my freaking intro, it's WIFOM at its finest. "Ohhhhh did he put it there to give the ILLUSION OF CONTRIBUTING?" No, I explained in the paragraph that literally came right before it why I made it.

3. As an aside, I loathe the fact that people think that sloppy play is some kind of scum tell. Your paragon of town play is a myth. It doesn't exist. Wolves play bad, make unwise decisions, yolo, ect. So does town. So what is the deal? What's the point of bringing it up? You can say "Freeze your play is bad you need to step it up or you could be in danger for not helping town." To that I will agree, that is a logical point to make. But when you say "Your play sucks, therefore your scum here let me vote you" I just shake my head.

4. What specifically was scummy about my reaction to getting dogpiled?

5. If it's not about my tone, what is it about? Please enlighten me, don't keep me in the dark

5. Don't fucking compare me to zenith. He has 0 content. Almost 0 interactions. Nothing to show for the time he's spent in this thread except a load of complaining and whining. You can pick apart what I contributed all day and all night, but in the end it will still be more than what zenith has. So that begs the question, do you prefer his "content" over mine? Your vote is telling me yes. How disgusting.

6. In the end I'm just concluding alot of the stuff piled up on me is WIFOM stretches on "typical" scumplay. But when you have nothing else to go on but that and "tone", I'm sure that's infinitely more appealing than just killing an inactive. Now I just think back to MML and his assertion that tone is an "excellent" tool to catch scum d0, and I chuckle. The annoying thing is I can't refute this nonsense without using WIFOM myself, because the premise is flawed to begin with.

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Lynch all liars is good meta. Period.
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My guess at this point is that there aren't actually any wolves, and all the humans are just going to kill each other until only a few are left. Then the remaining survivors will realize they are the real monsters.
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