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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread

Originally Posted by Charu View Post
That's the thing, that he's okay with being read wolf

I hate that line so much. It's like... well then... if you don't care if you're being read wolf, then what's the point of you being in here? You'll just be cannon fodder for the wolves to use later, as has been proven from time and time again with storn.

Don't say it isn't true either. You know it's true, AA. You've done it before
charu. Its not new that im okay with being woof read. like, its something i've said before as town (and probably as a woof too). The thing is, if someone reads me as a woof, thats normal. i get woof read a lot (especially by players who dont know my meta) and especially in a D0 situation where i've not had the greatest of starts. I know i was playing bad, and its my job to show people that im town by either defending myself or through further town actions.

and you're right. there was that game (one of my earliest ones) where i had accepted the fact that i was going to die and didn't defend myself. At the time there was no way i could have produced a successful defense so instead i went the more productive road and tried to help town all i could before i was lynched, and people saw me as more towny for it, and town realized just how stupid of a lynch it was the next day.

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"I think storn is town but he doesn't have a shirt on" - Roundbox
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I have beat my meat to storn's posts no less than four times

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