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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread

I'll be at work and then restaurant trivia with friends until pretty late tonight, but I'll be back before the day ends. Not sure how much I can contribute today; the reason I signed in to replace rather than start was because I knew this week would be busy for me. I thought there were supposed to be two people ahead of me on the replacements list, but whatever. I'll get caught up going forward, but my contributions might be limited today.

Here are some quick observations from the first few pages before I go.


Originally Posted by MixMasterLar View Post
Yeah policy lynching in general is pretty loltier but then again have you seen the output Haku has given us this game? I mean YoshL can defiantly make a case
This is the first thing that jumped out at me. It criticizes a policy lynch vote (that was probably made as a joke anyway), then tries to actually justify it.


[quote=juckter1;4490939]Charu is a wolf[/QUOTE

Charu made a throwaway "worthless post" type comment to juckter after juckter's opening shitpost, which elicited this. Seems a little overly defensive.


Tokzic's Marth claim when there's no Marth in the list is weird. I haven't played any games with him previously, so I don't know if he tends to do this kind of stuff (although it sounds like he might), but it still feels a little off to me.
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