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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread

Okay, time to state my case on Xelnya.

he's a wolf

Xelnya had a decently long shitposting phase, but his shift to game playing was very minimal at the start. I know for a fact Xelnya's wolf game has improved, but I feel like he's slipping a bit. One of these tell take signs of his wolfiness is reactions to a case. I'm not sure how I feel about AA and V jumping on so fast, as I was being a literal idiot in regards to presenting his case. The fun part is my case is actually a serious one. When I initially presented it, he was very angry and heated about being a "mislynch." Last game and some previous instances of his wolfing, he followed a similar pattern. I would like to see this out. I have some other potential candidates in mind, but this one stood out the most.
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