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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread

One note on lynching inactives early as a policy approach is that the town has a great deal less control over which inactive dies than the wolves do at this point, so the policy will strongly favor wolf influence (since it will only take one or two posts) and policy lynching is also just weak play because it doesn't create new interactions between you and them.

New players or players who are bad at confrontation are usually attracted to policy lynching. And afrobean but afrobean writes 1500 word posts on Facebook about voting Jill Stein so that's a lost cause. Point here is that a lean towards policy lynching inactives is a null tell, but if you find yourself attracted to it you should question if your attraction is because you are looking for an easy option rather than a more effective option, and maybe play the game a little harder
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