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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread

Originally Posted by danceflashrevo View Post
Yes and no. Yes because traction could have easily accrued, which is why I said the historically mark. And no because there wasn't immediate danger. However, I simply just didn't agree with your push. If I had the intention of saving him, I wouldn't have waited for you and him to finish. I would've jumped straight in and been like "HOLD UP HOLD UP HOLD UP" but I didn't. Likewise I don't think people would let me save people. I'd probably get brushed off as the resident dumbass as I feel happens a bit already. No one was a agreeing with you but I disagreed with you and I felt like I should note that I did at the time and back it up with reasoning.

I understand what you're saying here, but I feel like you're trying to establish a meta for him. Let him develop his own meta and play the way that he learns how to play. Probing a newer player, sure. Asking his or her input, sure. Putting them in an uncomfortable situation intentionally to where a lot of people regardless of alignment crumble, bad, because it happens a lot regardless of alignment.
this is a lot of articulation in self-defense and describing counterfactual narratives of his own thought process. the weird thing here is it is in defense of someone attempting to push. oddly protectionist given the barren waste of motivation and intent that had been drawling out up until this point. scum lean.

to clarifying, the "describing counterfactuals narratives of his own thought process" means "i could have done this, or i could have done this, but i did this" sort of thinking. a counterfactual is not a falsehood but another potential that didn't happen, "what if the nazis had won WWII?"

the reason counterfactual thinking about oneself is weird here is that it signals he is processing his own behavior in terms of how it could be perceived by others as a primary line of thinking. it's the first thing he responds with. he doesn't even respond with his thoughts on andy, in fact he is very andy-null in this post. sticking his neck out for someone his ostensibly has nothing to say about yet, and also detracting from the overall conversation of intent.

maybe this is a lack of experience with the tried-and-true TWG tactic of pushing shit towards new people because they haven't got a feel for their poker-face posting yet and will wear their emotions on their sleeves, but it comes off feeling a little ersatz and peculiar on first skim
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