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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread

Originally Posted by YoshL View Post
ffr being slow and double posting also ruins a lot of the effect of this game

in any case, AA literally only made those 2 posts, and for some reason andy has decided that AA is worthy of a serious wolf read at this point in time.

You can say AA's post is one of the first semi-serious posts in the thread, but the unquestionable attempt at analysis in andy's first post addressing AA is pretty clear that it's not a joke post or anything, but that andy is attempting to say that "AA is scum"

furthermore, his base analysis:

a gross generalization of "wolves will question every read everyone makes", which is completely wrong

"AA would be trying to clear tokzic of suspicion" even after stating that he doesn't believe tokzic is a wolf, which completely nullifies that point

"It feels like a weird post from AA. He could have jumped in on the shit posts, but immediately picked that out." doesn't offer up any concrete reasoning other than a stretch longer than an unskippable final fantasy cutscene regarding what AA decided to address. As a player, wouldn't you gravitate towards posts that are more serious of nature, or those that showcase another player's opinion? shitposts aren't really good for analysis.
what i see as the beginning of more advanced discussion. shows discernment and intent to hunt before anyone else. strong town lean here
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