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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread

Alright AA, I'll make an Actual Post. There's a billion people in this game, so I guess I'll just start going off about whoever stands out:

YoshL is clearly going hard in the paint this game - I like it. His reads are both hot and good, and I find myself agreeing with most of them. I'm hesitant to give him too confident a townread, since YoshL trying hard as either alignment can look similar, but I feel a certain thirst in his scumhunting so far that makes me want to assume he's on my side.

AA said something of note: He questioned why MML was quick to townread me. I found myself nodding to this - I was kind of surprised at how many leans my shitposts resulted in, since I didn't really find them indicative of alignment. Or maybe they were? Is it possible to make towny shitposts? *considers deeply*

Besides YoshL and AA, so far I feel pretty good about Charu, andy, dfr, gold stinger. All giving me that towny vibe. In terms of scummy entrances, I didn't like the first post(s) of Zenith, XelNya, and maybe Freezin? Not sure about Freezin yet.

But my absolute top gutread this game is Storn. My gut is so confident that Storn is a wolf that I'm going to vote for Storn. BOOM. Just like that.

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