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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread

Originally Posted by andy-o24 View Post
So if it's off it's allowed and if it's on, it's not? I assumed I knew what that rule meant, lol. Either way, me not knowing the rule should in some way indicate I haven't been using it, and thus my posts aren't choreographed.
"I thought it was only limited to wolves" does not clear you from this suspicion, because it breaks your assertion that you didn't know the rule.

I'm not going to sit here and claim inexperience or ignorance as an excuse to make low-content/no-content posts. I have a bad feeling about that AA post, and even if he comes here and rides your dick for defending him, I'm probably still going to have that feeling. But we'll have to see.
How was it low-content? he showcased an early read, and you thought apparantly that it had enough merit to attack

Okay, so I generalized a tactic. Good to know I was wrong. I still believe that would cause chaos or at least prevent bandwagoning.
the difference here is that you used the generalization to further your argument. You seem to be waffling on what exactly you believe, since your initial post was that *wolves* would cause chaos, and it doesn't seem to be very clear based on this

As I began to refute your further points, I realized my original accusation no longer makes sense to me. MML has a town read on tokzic, which AA questioned. But if AA and tokzic are both wolves, then AA should support a town read on his fellow wolf, not question it. I don't think that clears AA for me yet, but I feel less strongly on him being a wolf. tokzic is in question too, but not scum.
I think, another big problem is that you're currently talking in absolutes
"If AA and Tokzic are wolves, then AA should support a town read" is an assertion that has no real ability to be backed at all, and doesn't give credence to any of your case, especially since it's super early in the game, and there's no actual pressure on any of the players at this moment in time.

I can promise you this is not the case. I've never talked to tokzic before. I don't know if he's town or not, but MML seems like a smart duder.
This was worded in such a strange way that I truly feel that not all of the statements in this section are true.

Anyway, YoshL, I don't think you'd be this aggressive if you weren't town, so that's my read on you.
are you basing this on meta, or are you just assuming more things to be true without much rationale

Originally Posted by Charu View Post
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