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About me:
That's what I'm sayin'
Anything and everything that has some sort of quality that can be considered interesting.
Fav Music:
Dubstep, Drake, gucci mane, everlast, semisonic, marcy playground, nirvana, pink floyd, chevelle, everclear, evanescence, red hot chili peppers, sublime, eminem, bob marley, greatful dead, jimi hendrix, dj drama, big sean, wiz khalifa, papa roach, system of a down, nine inch nails, seether, theory of a deadman, nickelback, the black keys, god smack, stone sour, three days grace, disturbed, incubus, alice in chains, foo fighters, avenged sevenfold, saliva, simple plan, linkin park, beck, staind, slip knot, soundgarden
Fav Movies:
hangover, hangover 2, bridesmaids, forrest gump, the wall, superbad, alice in wonderland, all of saw, easy A, despicable me, kick-ass, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, the kids are all right, black swan, toy story 1&2&3, cloudy with a chance of meatballs, zombieland, Hulk, contagion,
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Geodude19n_n writes at 10:01:51pm on 8/22/12
Geodude19n_n writes at 9:33:59pm on 8/19/12
Geodude19n_n writes at 3:30:13pm on 6/28/12
why you so crazyyyyyyyy lol
badman7772 writes at 11:50:38pm on 6/27/12
Don't remind me. You should KNOW what I do to cute things!
badman7772 writes at 11:47:02pm on 6/27/12
Yes! And cute things! =D
badman7772 writes at 11:41:42pm on 6/27/12
Yes, but at least you like a lot of things that I like! XD
badman7772 writes at 11:39:02pm on 6/27/12
Awww. =[ I missed getting surprise IM's from you.
badman7772 writes at 11:34:56pm on 6/27/12
You should get on MSN so I can help you watch it with me!
badman7772 writes at 11:29:04pm on 6/27/12
I'm watching the edited episodes with cuss words in them! =D
badman7772 writes at 11:26:17pm on 6/27/12
Watching Spongebob and felt like leaving a comment cause I like, MISSED YA!