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I'm a skater. want more info? ask. Goals: AAA A:[] FC Fantum Anima:[x] Get 150,000 overall rank:[x] Get 50,000 overall rank:[] Get under 10,000 overall rank:[] 100 AAA's :[] 100 FC's:[] Become an FFR veteran:[] Gain multiplayer level of 20 or higher:[] Make 100 friends on FFR :D :[] FIRST AAA: 7/12/12 thats all for now..
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MephBoss writes at 6:46:21pm on 11/1/12
Super mothaaafucking hairs !
masterterror013 writes at 12:48:54pm on 7/17/12
DearNicole writes at 5:55:23pm on 7/16/12
merp okayy!! have fun!!(:
DearNicole writes at 5:45:01pm on 7/16/12
bitches be hatin' lol I'm waiting asjfkhas
DearNicole writes at 5:38:49pm on 7/16/12
I'm waiting for my friends -.- taking forever! lol
DearNicole writes at 5:24:35pm on 7/16/12
no problem!!(: and nm playing this game lol hbu?
DearNicole writes at 5:07:48pm on 7/16/12
scottiena writes at 3:53:44am on 7/10/12
thanks for vote^^
ohsosilly writes at 12:27:11pm on 6/29/12
Credits sent ;) ggs! :3