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Posted on: November 5, 2020, at 06:17:03am   [0 comments]
My first official tourney! I thought i would be in D4, but somehow I ended up in D3.

Round 1 The Phoenix lv. 46 (AAA)

I enjoyed this file, though it took a while to AAA because of the minijack at the end.

Round 2 Inside The Fire [FFR Chart] lv. 50 (5-0-0-2 2-1-0-4)

Will probably keep this. Mindblocked the beginning and it's too frustrating for me to retry 10 times to hit it properly.
Update 11-07: Slightly improved.

Round 3 Trip to the Moon (Club Remix) v2 lv. 53 (1-0-0-2 1-0-0-1)

Could probably AAA this on a good run.
Update 11-18: improvement lul. Also high chances I would get eliminated from D4 in this round if I got put there. Cutoff 4-0-0-2.

Round 4 2008 lv. 54 (3-0-0-0)

Very comfortable to play for me, if only I were consistent enough to not get random greats...

Round 5 CG901B (remixing ver.) lv. 53 (3-0-1-1 3-0-0-0)

Choked 3-0-0-3 sightread and even though I love the song, I'm already feeling some mindblock...
edit: lul, can FC 1.25x, but I choke 1.0...
edit2: ok, fixed my choke, idk if I have patience to grind for AAA with my non-consistency.

Round 6 System Split lv. 56 (1-0-0-1)

I don't think I'll get that (un)lucky again. RIP booflag. Could probably AAA with enough retries, but my consistency is so bad I'm not sure I would be able to do it in a week.

Round 7 FLESH FLASH lv. 63 (8-2-0-2 9-0-0-2)

Biggest mindblock so far. Need about 50 retries to get out of the intro with less than 2 goods. Will try to improve it another day.
edit: yeah, still can't get out of intro consistently...

Round 8 Selfish Sweet lv. 67 (11-2-2-5)

Should've tried to set a good score on day 1 when I was able to AAA first 100 notes. Will give it another try later.
update 12-23: yeah, sadly won't improve this score. GG to everyone, was a nice run considering how terrible my acc consistency is.
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_DJ Vinyl_ writes at 4:51:19pm on 12/23/20
you pulled off 2nd GG's to you my guy