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Susana Suicide

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Hello people, Though my name on here is Susana Suicide(yea...scene wanna be back then) my actual name is Ayanna Nichole.I'm pretty chill if you are.I'm not a huge fan of drama and annoying crap so leave that elsewhere.I am always up for having conversations so please talk if you're bored because most likely I am too.Feel free to add me here or at my Myspace;link below.Hope to talk to one or all of you soon. <3
Sex,weed,music,more sex,and ffr.
Fav Music:
Rock,Metal,Hardstyle,DEADMAU5 FTW,Techno,anything not rap,and anything that sounds good.
Fav Movies:
Troy,Titanic,Cockzilla in my Ass,Punkteen gets Punked,Secret Window,and anything else with Jhonny Depp in it.
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Posted on: June 25, 2012, at 04:25:17am   [0 comments]
I can't believe I registered for the tournament thing.First of all,I don't know what I'm doing on this site at all lol.All I know how to do is play the game.Second of all,I fucking suck at FFR.I'm definitely not gonna make it that far.
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HannahhHorror writes at 8:59:52pm on 10/1/11
hello. =D
XXXsmittyXXX writes at 12:22:29pm on 4/15/11
Nah that is against the rules. haha.
XXXsmittyXXX writes at 11:31:14am on 4/12/11
simple. didnt even know there were new files til now. haha
vro writes at 6:09:30pm on 2/23/11
I go on there all the time, but I never post because I only go to look at what events are happening. You're always complaining that you're not old enough for anything, lmao.
vro writes at 10:35:59pm on 2/22/11
Woah haha, I've seen you on Texas Ravers
m0de writes at 11:01:03am on 2/22/11
thx for the vote hun [:
AnthonySaurusWreckxz writes at 12:36:08pm on 2/16/11
i do too its a first i feel like shit . . . -___-
AnthonySaurusWreckxz writes at 3:41:40pm on 2/15/11
werd . mad sick tho .=.=
i ate some spicy shit and im like garabge feeling.
AnthonySaurusWreckxz writes at 11:20:11am on 2/15/11
nada dood. just chileen