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Album of the year 2018.
Playboi Carti
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Posted on: April 13, 2020, at 07:12:18pm   [3 comments]
I literally AAA'd a 75 and I only got like 9 clean on it on my other Acc. WTF.
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Whole Lotta Red writes at 11:15:34am on 4/4/21
Whole Lotta Red
DeciBel1231 writes at 10:51:04pm on 12/28/20
Just finished listening, currently lost for words man, crying real tears carti bro, this is quite possible, quite literally, sincerely, the worst possible music I have ever heard. My ears are dripping with blood, currently on my way to the emergency room on Christmas Day. Thanks.
Jaquan writes at 4:45:54pm on 10/10/20
Dying lit.
DeciBel1231 writes at 8:50:28pm on 7/5/20
thank you god for inventing time and spacce
Gravity Kitten writes at 10:02:14pm on 6/26/20
runnin from the cops
Gravity Kitten writes at 10:02:07pm on 6/26/20
gotta keep my glock
Gravity Kitten writes at 10:01:57pm on 6/26/20
when i see them cops
Gravity Kitten writes at 10:01:49pm on 6/26/20
you know i have my glock
Flossy_ writes at 8:39:06am on 5/15/20
where the fuck is wlr
gravity writes at 5:19:49pm on 5/7/20
Died Lit