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Hello, my name is Nathan and i love to play online games like these
FFR,Music,Graphics,Video games
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Final Fantasy Advent Children
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Seductive angel writes at 10:24:37pm on 10/4/14
I see.
Seductive angel writes at 6:31:55pm on 10/4/14
Well good luck with that. I cant even play anymore cause I lost all my skill and it hurts to play again.
Seductive angel writes at 6:19:43pm on 10/4/14
Nothing much really.
drizzleRomanceGirl writes at 1:54:43pm on 4/30/14
I'm glad to hear that. :) I've been doing well, although I'm going to fail a class this semester. I'm confident that I'll try to study and complete homework on a regular basis next semester, though.
drizzleRomanceGirl writes at 1:49:37pm on 4/30/14
How are you doing, by the way?
drizzleRomanceGirl writes at 1:49:23pm on 4/30/14
Nice job, regardless. :)
UbiBorn writes at 11:01:14pm on 4/20/14
Lol why did you decide to make a new one?
Seductive angel writes at 12:25:21pm on 4/20/14
I don't think I can play right now. I have to get off pretty soon and I kinda want to play a little minecraft before I have to get off. I only really came FFR to change my pic cause I saw an adorable pic and just had to do it.
Seductive angel writes at 2:36:24pm on 4/19/14
Man I'm bored. No fun when none of my friends play LoL with me.
Seductive angel writes at 1:48:08pm on 4/19/14
I can tell haha.