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Default Re: Untitled Stepmania Pack RELEASED

Originally Posted by moches View Post
creep - honestly my favorite part of this was the very beginning because of the tension. everybody knows where this song is eventually going to go (and that section of the file is stepped more-or-less faultlessly, so well done), but the beginning has this one rhythm and all of these subtle variations and exits and entrances. it's very very tense and good. one suggestion: there's a shift at the end of this song from electronic to live instrumentation - perhaps a shift in style could have captured that? maybe playing with different colored notes, using freezes (those cymbals at the end were BEGGING FOR some crazy layered freeze action) or mines...hmm. it was still a good ending, but it could have been explosive.
i know exactly what you mean by using a different style. the ending was harder before i released this file to the point where i thought it played kind of badly so i changed it. mines could have been an interesting idea, but i reserve mines for either staccato notes or sounds that are deliberate left unstepped as notes -- that's just my style. being more liberal with freeze usage is probably the best idea, i'll try to experiment with something like that in future files.

thanks for the feedback and review of the other files as well! appreciate it.

Originally Posted by James May View Post
lmfao what is this
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Default Re: Untitled Stepmania Pack RELEASED

neonlights - one of my favorite files in this pack and favorite files from AlexDest. gets so much mileage out of clean patterns and motifs, incredibly effective usage of jacks and mines. manages to be expressive and dynamic yet polished at the same time. *claps*

wobble impact - i enjoy your patterns and the rhythms you emphasized in your layering. i was personally hoping for a denser approach with the layering to go with the melodic/textural richness of the song (could have gone much more crazy with the freezes and even incorporated some selective use of hands, for instance), but you have a style and it works well.

tomorrow's eve - ending section with the long freezes was gorgeous and perf. rest of this is quality GLoVE. maybe the guitar freezes in the middle could have been shorter?
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Default Re: Untitled Stepmania Pack RELEASED

Moches enlivening the thread
one file at a time
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Default Re: Untitled Stepmania Pack RELEASED

Originally Posted by Fission View Post
lmfao what is this
Let's Make a Deal c: And moches said the word Zonk and I had to post it lmfao.

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Default Re: Untitled Stepmania Pack RELEASED

Full reviews done

A Beautifull Degeneracy
huh. too hard for me, but the patterns seem solid, Pretty sure it's gonna be fun for experienced players. The song gets 8/10 for stepability and -2/10 for musical value

A Journey Into Sound
Honestly, even taking out my absolute hatred for this awful sounding song, the chart drags it for way too long without providing anything other than some bursts here and there and some slight tempo changes. It's more of a stepping exercise than a playable simfile in my opinion, no matter how accurate it is. 4/10

Acid Wolfpack
Really fun, tricky and well structured. Maybe a bit too loaded with mines here and there, but it's all good. Pick a better preview music next time. 8/10

Anger of YuYu
Definitely a keeper! Love the file and the difficulty, nothing bad i could say about this 9/10

Burgers Out
At first i didn't know what to expect of this song, but the gradual buildup and the tasteful all around stepping got me. Nice one 8/10

rofl this song was around already 10 years ago, i guess this is the best you can do with this crap. Vocals gave me earbleed. 7/10

Catkin and Teasel
Very annoying song and a bit too long, but very well stepped. 7/10

The only complaint i have with this is that the second half of the song (after the break at about 35%) lasts too long and should have been cut. Otherwise majestic. 9/10

Cold Heart
no thanks

Not too exciting, but it does its damn job. 7/10

Fuse Gymnast
incredibly fun 8/10

Happy Meal
Does anyone actually have fun playing this?

He's a mental giant
Nice fun file for a song that doesn't offer much in the first place 8/10

Insane Techniques
insane simfile 10/10

Minus one
Holy shit this is intense. I would have liked a more minimalistic approach on a different chart, however. This is really chaotic and hard to follow well. 7/10

Moe Moe Kyunstep
Another one which can't keep the entertainment for the whole song. Guys, really, cut your songs.

Pretty alright overall although the song is very dull and repetitive. 6/10


Simplistic but amazing pattern choices. Very tastefully done overall and mad fun to play. 8/10

Poquito mas
Pretty nice file, although not very memorable. 7/10

Printer Jam
Very repetitive and unfun. You could do more with this. 4/10

Quartz Rainbow
There is something off with the pitch relevancy here and there, overall pretty decent but not very outstanding. 6/10

Quatre Mains
Simply beautiful 9/10

Run Run Run
A bit too long for my tastes. Steps are nice. 7/10

Schur's Theorem
I just fell in love with this. Insta-10/10

Shin Sekai
Awesome song, awesome stepchart. 9/10

To be honest, this felt like a really heavy layering. The song could have used a lighter approach to better accent key instruments and sounds. 6/10

Squeak Squad
Eh, pretty nice. Was disappointed that two very clearly audible drum rolls were left out. 7/10

Tayou --
Fun but a little on the slow side. 7/10

Teenage Prostitute
Well, it's fucking Zappa.

The funk is
not too shabby. The song is terrible 6/10

The years ahead
Really really fun and well structured 8/10

This should be used as sample file to teach how to NOT use mines. The file itself was fun, but the mines… ugh. 5/10

Vegetable Soup
never playing this again

Wobble Impact
Very fun 8/10

Zomby Woof
Simply the best file in the pack. Hands down 10/10

a lot of jap charachters
Really nice, chill file. A keeper. 7/10
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Default Re: Untitled Stepmania Pack RELEASED

happy meal - eh, it's Nero's Day. well-made for what it is but nothing I'd probably ever play again

minus one - much more up my alley. super intense, super good.

quartz rainbow - this is really the song's fault. some parts of this are quite fun - the buildup at the beginning breaking out into drum 'n bass was nice - but overall it feels overlong and a little unpolished, especially with freeze usage (although i have never believed in minifreezes to piano so take w/ appropriate amount of salt). it's okay, still <3 u plop :3

squall - overall very enjoyable. i do agree with Marco, though. some parts felt a bit too cramped to breathe (especially the beginning) and i felt like trying to cram anything in made it harder for the patterns to breathe where they needed to. that's the challenge for any Nekomata Master song, I guess! there's so much going on, yet there are also these really gorgeous, dense melodies that emerge here and there, and the key is to capture those moments when you need to. still, I thought you did a great job of organizing the polyrhythms and for the most part you kept things moving at a fast clip. had lots of fun with this.

squeak squad theme - see above. i always appreciate how many concepts and ideas you can cram into your files, Scylaax (even for a song that's, on its face, as simple as this), but sometimes less is more! no need to accentuate every single riff and motif with oodles and oddles of freezes. my favorite parts of this file were actually where you had less to work with instrumentally - like that brief solo in the middle and the drums near the very end - but you expressed them in very simple but powerful and memorable ways. some focus would be much appreciated. overall enjoyable.

taiyou - already played this from Stepping Stones!

poquito mas - played this already. good file.

the funk is - reminded me of an old Ferrari file. i commend you especially on your creative use of mines (even if some parts felt like overkill, like the quad mine in between two 16ths) and jacks to keep players on their toes. i guess some patterns could have been a tad cleaner, esp heading into all those freezestreams, but it is what it is. middle part was the best.

japanese piano song - honestly, i would have liked to see something much easier than this. the dense parts play *too* dense compared to the mellow vibe of the song--perhaps you could have been more selective with your hand usage, especially in parts where you're layering them into chordstream (and ESPECIALLY in one part where you have minifreezes going to a background melody and then hands in between jumpstream. yikes!) that said, i really liked your mine usage and your patterns were great when you gave them a bit of room to breathe--this definitely has your style written all over it. keep up the good work!
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Default Re: Untitled Stepmania Pack RELEASED

odd22 - sightread A with 50+ cbs rip

printer jam - technically well-executed but GOD FUCKING DAMN i hate all those bursts in the first half of the song. so so awful to hit and score on. second half of the file is better but tbh this is about as good a file for this song as you'll get

unknown - same thing i've said about every Scylaax file, ever. parts of this are delightful; other parts a bit too overflowing with ideas and motifs. mines play clunkily in some parts, especially near the end.

zomby woof - last file i'm playing for the night because good Lord i am EXHAUSTED. so worth it, though. i mean, it's a file by Scintill for a Frank Zappa song so there's really no way this wasn't going to be amazing, but WOW this knocked the socks off my feet. a delight from beginning to end.
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Default Re: Untitled Stepmania Pack RELEASED

im rly late but chicken solo is my fav part of this pack
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Default Re: Untitled Stepmania Pack RELEASED

it might've been that i took some acid before playing it but honest to god samurai's file for that igorrr chart might be one of my favorite charts this year

also catkin and teasel rules
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Default Re: Untitled Stepmania Pack RELEASED

best pack 2014
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