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Default Deadlyx39 Presents: Bracket Tourney Two: Electric Boogaloo

Deadlyx39 Presents: Bracket Tourney 2: Electric Boogaloo

Well w h o o p s...

But with that, the tournament is now over! I'd like to personally thank everyone who participated in this tournament, as it was actually a lot of fun to run. I'd also like to congratulate Gap0911 for becoming the second unlikely winner in one of my tournaments after poulice won the first bracket tournament.

As for the prizes, I decided to give everyone who submitted at least a participation bonus for being in the tournament. I will be sending out the prizes right after this post is made, but if you don't receive your share please message me and I'll get on it. But in the meantime, here's the payout structure.

Gap0911: 305,000
OWA: 150,000
Hakulyte: 75,000
da_man040292: 75,000
darkedge22: 50,000
RenegadeLucien: 50,000
Walrusizer: 50,000
Kawaiimachine: 50,000
rushyrulz: 50,000
Wayward Vagabond: 25,000
remedy1502: 25,000
sweet2kill210: 25,000
sickufully: 12,500
Deidara837: 12,500
ULTIMEGA: 12,500
HardstyleLover: 12,500
Red Blaster: 2,500
PrawnSkunk: 2,500
Kawaii025: 2,500
Kanzas: 2,500
feelingzwontfade: 2,500
ProfessorBLK: 2,500
Untimely Friction: 2,500
typing like wat: 2,500

EDIT: Prizes Sent Out!

But thanks again to all of you for participating in this. Other than my tendency to choose complete memes for songs, I think it went very well. Plus it was a great tune-up to prepare everyone for the OT. I do want to host another tournament in the future, but that's down the road. Thanks to all again, and have a good day.

Nice job to OWA for making the Loser's Bracket Run, but you still need to go through the wall that has been Gap0911, here are your songs. I'd also like to point out that because it's only two of you, I'm shortening the round to TWO Days. That, and because if OWA wins this round, he still needs to beat Gap again since Gap is still on winner's side.

Gap0911: Ieva's Polka (Basshunter Remix) [32]
OWA: Magical 8-Bit Tour [92]

You have until Tuesday, June 28th at 8PM Server Time to submit your scores.

Congrats to da_man and OWA for moving on. The two of you will now face Hakulyte in Loser's Finals.

D3: Child Protective Services Theme Song [Heavy] (59)
D6: Etude for the Sinners (85)
D7: Playing Super Mario World While Taking Mushrooms (91)

You have until Sunday, June 26th at 8PM Server Time to submit your scores.

Since the OT is starting soon and I have a feeling that participation will trail off if it starts, I'm combining rounds. There will not be any 1v1 matchups this round, instead it'll be two different 3 way matchups, with the winners going on to face Hakulyte in Loser's Finals. That being said, only two of you don't need to submit, and those two are Hakulyte and Gap0911.

The two matchups are:

RenegadeLucien [D3] vs. da_man040292 [D3] vs. Walrusizer [D7]


Kawaiimachine [D5] vs. rushyrulz [D6] vs. darkedge22 [D5] vs. One Winged Angel [D7]

Since there's nobody in D1, D2, or D4 submitting, there's only 4 songs on the list this round:

D3: Gangster's Paradise (Candyland's OG Remix) (58)
D5: All i wanna do is touch your powerpoints (79)
D6: Dishevel (84)
D7: Rengonu-Purgatorium- (90) <I lowered the difficulty a bit because D7 was getting a bit high level wise>

But anyway, you all have until Thursday, June 23rd at 8PM server time to submit your scores.

Alright, congratulations to Gap0911 [D1] for getting into Grand Finals on the winner's side. I'm shortening rounds to 3 days this round because there's only 4 matchups this round.

Only 4 people don't need to submit, and you're listed here. Some of you will be sitting for a while just to let you know.

But here are your songs. Since Gap isn't submitting, there is no D1 song

D2: Synchronized Hearts [43]
D3: Aishiteru Yo Ne [57]
D4: Powerpuff Gabberz [69]
D5: FUSE!! [78]
D6: Title (Double Dragon) [83]
D7: System Doctor [93]

You have until Monday, June 20th at 8 PM Server Time to submit your scores.

Alright guys, this round features the Winner's Finals, as Gap0911(D1) takes on Hakulyte (D6). There's a few of you that don't need to submit, and you'll be listed in the spoiler below.


But here are the songs.

D1: Leeroy Jenkins (Fun Time Mix) [Even D1 isn't safe from memes] (31)
D2: Need You (42)
D3: Scrambooch (56)
D4: Mellann (68)
D5: Not Our Tomorrow (77)
D6: Shippuujinrai (82)
D7: A Quick Death (92)

You have until Friday, June 17th at 8PM Server a Time to submit your scores.

Bracket is updated, but I need to make an important note: sickufully is now represented as botchi246 on the bracket. This is mainly to reward him for staying active, even through suffering two extremely close losses. Also because botchi has been inactive, so it actually gives Prawn a challenge this round.

But with that out of the way, we're in the semi-finals for the winners bracket, with darkedge22 [D5], Gap0911 [D1], Hakulyte [D6], and rushyrulz [D6] being the only key smashers left with a perfect record. If your name is in this spoiler, then you DON'T have to submit this round. Because of the nature of double elimination tournaments, you won't be submitting for the next two rounds. Check the bracket to see why.

For those of you who DO need to submit, here are your songs...

D1: Tomorrow Untrodden (30)
D2: Sleep, Part 2 (41)
D3: {Rose} (55)
D4: Undiscovered Colors (67)
D5: Capoeira Sundance (76)
D6: Caffeine (81)
D7: Schmollbluk (91)


I'll try and speed the rounds up because of the OT, so rounds will be back down to 4 days. But anyway, here are your songs:

D1: Once Upon a December (29)
D2: Overdrive! (40)
D3: Disconnected [Pegboard Nerds] (54)
D4: Her Majesty (66)
D5: Guitars Still Suck (75)
D6: Einstein-Rosen Bridge (80)
D7: Serious Shit (90)

Check if you have a matchup here. Matchups behind schedule indicate that neither person in that matchup submitted a score, so you get a bye.

You have until Thursday June 9th at 8 PM server time to submit your scores

Okay, so sorry for the delay. As always, if your name is in this spoiler then you DON'T HAVE TO SUBMIT.

FFR Pro 21
Red Blaster
typing like wat
Untimely Friction

But anyway, here are your songs:

D1: Glaciate (28)
D2: Girl Directions (39)
D3: Mario Mix for Piano (53)
D4: Tritsch Trasch Polka [Heavy] (65)
D6: Love & Justice (80)
D7: Eclipse (Solar) (89)

Please let these songs not suck I like the 5 days per round schedule a lot better, so you'll have until Sunday at 8 PM Server Time to submit your scores!

Okay, so if your name ISN'T in this list, then that means you MUST submit a score this round! If your name is on the list, then it's because you're waiting for an opponent on the loser's side

sickufully (close match btw)
yo man im awesome

Your songs:
D1: Vi Sitter I Ventrillo Och Spelar DotA [Heavy] 27
D2: Virtual Emotion 38
D3: Ready to go 52
D5: Chaosmaid 73
D6: BEER 79
D7: Extratone Pirates 88

You have until Tuesday at 8 PM Server time to submit your score!

I finished a bit early, so I'll be putting everything up now.

Good news! We had a grand total of 39 participants sign up for the Tournament! Bad news: since it's not a power of 2 some of you wont be playing round one. If your name is in the spoiler, then you don't have to submit a score this round

One Winged Angel
Azpb Djbread
Red Blaster
FFR Pro 21
Wayward Vagabond

If you don't see your name, then here are your songs! Your division I placed you in can be found here. I forgot to give da_man040292 a division on the bracket, but he is D3.

D2: Big Dog
D4: B.B.K.K.B.K.K.
D6: Candy Crack Curtain Call
D7: Extratone Pirates (Drunk Optimus Remix) lol meme song Punkture

Round Ends Thursday, May 26th at 8PM Server Time!

Over one year since the conclusion of the last tournament, the bracket tournament makes it's triumphant comeback. Much like last year, the tournament is here to shake things up in a unique way. That... And the fact there hasn't been a tournament in over a month.


Registration for this tournament is generally pretty straightforward. All you have to do is either post in this thread, or send me a PM saying that that you're interested in participating. One thing I will say: PLEASE ONLY JOIN IF YOU PLAN ON PARTICIPATING THE WHOLE WAY THROUGH! I had a tournament die of inactivity, and I'd rather not have that happen again. If you want to participate, keep in mind that the tournament should be about a month to a month and a half long.



• Much like last year, this tournament WILL be a double elimination tournament. This means that if you lose one round, YOU CAN STILL COME BACK AND WIN.

• Depending on your skill rating, you will be assigned a song to play, and so will your opponent. Whoever has the lowest combined PA score will be declared the winner of that round. This allows people from different divisions to compete against each other and have a fair chance at winning.

• The TOP 8 PARTICIPANTS WILL RECEIVE A PRIZE. This is because I don't have as many credits as I did last year.

• If I feel that your skill rating does not reflect your actual skill rating, I will move you up or down accordingly.


• You MUST have a skill rating.

• Double setups are NOT ALLOWED. That means any setup involving more than 4 active keys is forbidden.

• Rates are allowed, but only to make the song faster. This is just to make a person's life easier when attempting to get a good score.

• Alternate accounts are NOT ALLOWED, unless explicitly stated who the main account owner is.

• Bots are also NOT ALLOWED.


I currently am able to put up a prize pot of 80,000 credits. Donations for the tournament would be gladly accepted, however they are NOT necessary to participate. Keep in mind that the higher the prize pot, the higher the rewards for finishing in the money.

• 1st Place will receive 50% of the Prize Pot

• 2nd Place will receive 20% of the Prize Pot

• 3rd Place will receive 13% of the Prize Pot

• 4th Place will receive 7% of the Prize Pot

• T-5th Place will receive 3% of the Prize Pot each

• T-7th Place will receive 2% of the Prize Pot each

(I'm working on a new way since there's a HUGE credit pot now. I'll probably end up doing the Cascading Exponentially suggestion that rushy said.

Prize Pot:
Deadlyx39: 80,000
FFR Events: 250,000
PhantomPuppy: 100,000
Kawaii025: 100,000
Rapta: 150,000
Untimely Friction: 100,000
darkedge22: 50,000
gold stinger: 170,000

TOTAL: 1,000,000! Thanks to everyone who donated!

If you have any questions please feel free to ask! Registration will be open until Sunday, May 22nd at 8PM Server Time!
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I want another DJ hero
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Why should I care about this thread
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whats in it for me
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Fun times and meme sluts
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ew fun

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i would also like to take this opportunity to shout out deadlyx39

on the one hand i feel as though your absence from these forums is a shelled victory for all ffr forumites however after careful examination of my internal feeling apparatus i have come to the conclusion that i do in fact miss your posts


come back

i need to laugh at you

once more

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