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this is a waste of space
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Default Astronomic Metal Collection 2

Oh, look, the pack has been released. Cool, right?





Discuss. Praise. Whine. Complain. Go!

P.S. Thanks for actively not submitting. Can I really blame you though?


People keep bugging me to do another one of these, and even though I'm not really stepping anymore, I figured what the hey. I'll have free time over the summer anyway.

If you don't know what to step, here's something to get you started: (Song cuts may be necessary)

Guidelines ahoy!

Submit metal/rock stuff. Anything, I don't care. This includes video game metal (S.S.H. for example).

Try to step some music that's a bit more off the beaten path. I'm not saying to completely avoid stepping popular stuff, but please limit stepping stuff that there are already hundreds of files for. If you're looking for new music to step I have some decent sources for you. Feel free to ask me.

DA RULZ (at least read this, k):
- Heavy (Challenge if you like) is mandatory. All other charts are optional. Hands are okay, but I'd really like to keep files with only a spread chart to a limit. A lot of the people who are going to be playing this are going to be index players. It doesn't take long to remove hands and make a simfile a bit easier. Files with only a spread chart will be judged more strictly, though, still not nearly as strict as some packs.
- Simple index files are completely okay. As long as they're polished, and don't have 16th streams when there are more prominent sounds to follow. Also, remember that jumpstreams can be your friend.
- There is no limit on length, but songs must be at least 30 seconds long.
- Cuts are okay. In fact, I recommend them on longer songs. The longer a song is, the more critical I'll be about it. Nobody wants 7 minutes of sixteenth streams.
- Released files are perfectly okay. However, if you step something specifically for this I would highly encourage you NOT to release it. Files that have been featured in obscure packs are also okay.
- Graphics are not necessary, but submitting a file with decent graphics will be a big help. Searching google, taking the first image you see, and slapping crappy text on it doesn't qualify as decent. If you can't make them there are plenty of people you can ask, or you can request them in the graphical forum. If I get too many files without graphics I'll be forcing people to get their own.
- No dinner rolls (I think you know what I mean) except in Edit/Beginner. Basically you have to have at least one main chart without them.

Send your files to Make sure to label the folder like this: (Your name) Name of simfile. Also, please put the name of the album the song is from and the year the album was released in the subtitle. Like so: Name of album (Year released)

Still looking for willing judges. Not ones who will be lazy, worthless procrastinators.

Graphical Artists:
SulferDragon (kinda)
We need your help!!

There is no deadline... yet. Just submit ****.

Don't expect me to give feedback on every file submitted to this. You'll get a yes or no probably unless I'm bored.

Oh, and v2 files of songs that were already in the first pack are fine. You know, if the song actually deserves a v2.

Also, I could really use some help with graphics in case anyone is interested. Seriously, it would help a lot. SERIOUSLY

Any questions? Ask me or NTM.

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