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Default Re: Nov/Dec 2019 Set 4

Apologies for taking some time on this.

Ascension for Owls (Matthia) [7/10]
- It almost isn't worth having any notes until 13.59s because the music is so faint. A suggestion would be to leave everything before that out, and start with a single note instead of the jump.
- Missed jump at 22.59s. I know why you left it out but there is still SOME kind of music change and it keeps it consistent with the rest of this section of the file.
- The red notes for two measures at 49.55s should be the same 4 note pattern repeating. The music is exactly the same.
- 121.88s the jacks seem unnecessary. You don't have them anywhere else during the same parts in the music.
- The file is almost there. Just needs some minor tweaks

At The Speed Of Light (snaphap) [10/10] Accepted
- Great file. You could use some better patterns during some of the streams but I can tell the music makes sense in your justification. My favorite from this batch

Dracula Man X2 Alpha Turbo (Psychotik) [8/10] Accepted
- The two beat part starting at 76.91s seems wrong. It's difficult to tell what it should be but I think it needs to be tweaked.
- That's really all I had. File is very fun, HOWEVER, I think you could do more layering and make this file more technical and I think it would be even more fun. There is a potential for a v2 in this down the line that could be a lot harder.

Hiccup (Qrrbrbirbel) (7/10) Accepted Pending Changes
- File is great, I have basically nothing
- 126.69s, why isn't this pink note a hand like all the other times you did hands to that sound?
- The section at 50s to 73s lacks hands where you placed them in a similar part of the song at 140s. Why is that? To progressively make the file harder or were they just missed?
- I want to make sure these two things are addressed before I give final say because this file is great and I want it perfect.

Hopeful BlueSky (DarkZtar) [9/10] Accepted
- I basically have nothing. Great file. Reminds me of some DonDon and Dew files from 10 years ago

Hysteria (Oberon47) [4/10]
- Missed a chance at some 16ths/32nds at 44.07s
- The section from 64.07 to 76.87s can be done better. The patterns are generic for a part that has a lot of potential to be fun.
- The section at 78s to 88s has mostly hands on the downbeats and some jumps. Either alternate, or keep them all the same, since the sound is the same at each note.
- Some missed 16th opportunities from 89.67s to 99.27s
- Overall I think this file could use some more creativity in patterns during most of the file.

Pictured as Perfect (Pizza69) [8/10] Accepted
- Technically all correct and it looks good sync-wise. I think it qualifies as a "dump" file of which I don't really like. I'd suggest hold this for a hard file batch or release.

Present World Dance Engine (DourGent & Deamerai) [5/10]
- At 30.47s there are still some mini jack sounds that you missed. Same at 42.78s
- At the section starting at 123.16s you have some patterns that you use twice then mirror them, then go back to the first set, etc. Make them all different. Mirroring once is ok, but don't go back to the same patterns for a multiple measure area for the sake of getting to the next section of the file.
- The file is close, but I think altering some patterns on a lot of the streams during most of the song would help make the file more interesting. You use a lot of the same patterns during a lot of the file, and yeah the music doesn't give much to work with but that's your opportunity to be creative with your own simfile.

Sarcophagus (M0nkeyz) [9.5/10] Accepted
- What justifies having minijacks at 31.52s and 34.95s when you don't have them in the other similar spots in that part of the file?
- Literally everything else with the file is great.

Sibling Rivalry (storn42) [6.5/10]
- There's nothing wrong with the file, really. It's a good easier file, but I can't stand the song itself. That makes me want to say no alone because I like to try to put non painful SONGS into FFR.

Sikertelenseg (Deamerai) [7.5/10] Accepted
- This makes my pervious statement for Sibling Rivalry seem like I'm clinically insane. The song itself is trash but I believe we need more super easy short files in the game. For that reason, I'm overlooking the song.

Tap Tap Tap (ositzxz369) [8/10] Accepted
- You guys are really testing me with 3 painful songs in a row. This is the best file of the 3 bad songs at least. Makes it easier to accept.

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