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Default Re: Nov/Dec 2019 Set 1

Computer Dreams V2 (devonin) [8.0/10]
Make Eggs, Eat Eggs (Psychotik) [8.5/10]
NEO GRAVITY (Cranky Remix)-RS2018 edit-(bmah)[8.0/10]
PhonDrome! (Ghost_Medley) [7.5/10]
Sail On (Storn42) [9.5/10]

Conditional Queue
AiAe (DarkZtar) [6.5/10]
Forever (Rapta) [7.0/10]
Got the Row (ositzxz369) [7.5*/10]
Son of Robot (Pizza69)[6.5/10]
Spring of Fierce Vindication (M0nkeyz) [7.5*/10]

Nuke Blast (samurai7694 vs James May) [5.0/10]
Starflight (klimtkiller) [6.0/10]


AiAe (DarkZtar) [6.5/10]
DarkZtar’s comments:
Yuyoyuppe blanket permission.

Judge Notes:
> Yuyoyuppe contains a partial conditional to blanket permission, stating ‘Inform Yuyoyuppe when a song gets in-game. You can also PM XelNya if you don’t want to message Yuyoyuppe’.
> Music offset for song is off by +0.008 (Submitted with a music offset of +0.300 via ArrowVortex). Please change to +0.308 to fix. All timestamps in this review will be based off of this change.
> No issues found within simfile properties. ‘.sm.old’, ‘.ssc’, and ‘.ssc.old’ files found within the submission folder. Consider removing.
-[00:04.692 -> 00:06.025] jumptrill patterns here don’t sit very well with the rhythm, especially with the triplet rhythm at 00:05.775 not being noted within this section. The [23] jump at 00:05.192 doesn’t sit very well either considering the other two 16th jumps next to it hit much louder.
(**)-[00:17.025] Hand? What about 00:06.358 and 00:11.692? Feels like a lone outlier that pays homage to the intro and outro of this section without structural support. Can definitely re-introduce that support by shorting the jumptrills by placing a single going into hands.
-[00:43.358 -> 00:43.692] Transition appears sloppy here, but is accurate. Very difficult to hear this specific pattern through speakers, and is very unlike the previous one happening at 00:22.025.
(**)-[00:46.275] Think you meant to have a single here, to continue the swapping patterns between jumptrill, and 8th js. (See how it compares to the 2nd set starting at 00:49.025 -> 00:54.358.) Situation happens again at 00:56.942.
-[01:05.025 -> 01:26.358] Real rough. Extended trill section here demands a fair amount of control that the rest of the file does not demand, especially with the one-handed trill patterns. Can’t see many people being content with those kinds of runs.
-[01:26.358 -> 01:47.358] Definitely my favorite part of the file. Wish more people would utilize handstream in FFR more often within a more comfortable BPM environment.
-[01:55.108, 02:00.442, 02:05.775] Missing 16ths.
-[02:02.775] There’s 16ths squeezed in between these 32nd bursts. Respect the choice here, just noting the opportunity.
(**)-[02:07.025] Currently a jump, should be a hand.
(**)-[02:08.525] Not feeling the [23] jump here, with the background synth ending on the previous [13] 4th jump.
-Definitely a rough file for people seeking the traditional jumpstream experience. Generally just looking for the issues that include asterisks at the beginning to be fixed for minimal file acceptance, but all notes should be given a brief look over. Also needs a sync fix.

Computer Dreams V2 (devonin) [8.0/10]
Devonin’s Comments:
V2, so permission is obviously good. Continuing the process of providing V2s of old bluenote legacy songs so that the music can be enjoyed with stepfiles that meet more modern standards.

Judge Notes:
> Music offset is good (No changes necessary).
> Within simfile properties, suggest changing ‘Artist’ property from ‘Nina, Goddess of Dance’ to ‘Nina - Goddess of Dance’, To match the search query for artist’s name within the game engine. No other issues found in simfile properties. No issues found within the submission folder.
-[1:15.353] Move the 8th here to the 16th a little bit later, located at 1:15.460. The vocals do indeed land on the 8th, but isn’t accentuated until the 16th alongside other instruments.
-[1:18.889] Same situation as the above note, but will let it slide since the majority of instruments are more dominant on the 8th rather than the 16th alongside vocals.
-Super easy file, not that much to complain about it. It’s good. Arguable that it’s within the difficulty shot of the original, but the original is a blue note mess.

Forever (Rapta) [7.0/10]
Rapta’s Comments:
Monstercat permissions

Judge Notes:
> Music offset is good (No changes necessary).
> No issues found within simfile properties. No issues found within the submission folder.
-[00:08.252] 8th here in succession doesn’t fall in line with the other singles in this lengthy intro. Suggest removing.
-[00:23.022] Same situation as the previous note. Remove these 8ths.
-[00:27.176] This 8th, unlike the others, fits. Keep as-is.
-[00:38.022] Pitch relevance doesn’t necessarily align with the 8th longjack that’s happening on down here, as it shifts up in pitch starting at the [234] hand. Could use some swapping with the recurring 8th there, perhaps to the up arrow instead to indicate the pitch change.
(**)-[00:45.406 -> 00:56.483] Same situation as the above note recurring throughout this section. Would be much better suited to align the recurring trills here to the pitch changes rather than the 32nd bursts.
(**)-[00:51.522] Unintended minijack due to trill. Transition should be rearranged to accommodate it without the use of a minijack, like the other transitions.
-[00:52.791 -> 00:53.483] Small nitpick, but could spread out the types of jumps being used here. Looks like there was a plan to pair up jumps going into this section, and then it was subsequently dropped after a measure when the 32nd burst kicked in.
(**)-[01:00.406] I don’t mind the jumpjacks here, but what I do mind is that there isn’t particularly a respect to balance on whether it’s a one-handed jumpjack, or a two-handed jumpjack. Suggest changing a few things around so that one-handed jumpjack portions are aligned with one another (There’s two stretches that utilize 3 sets of jumpjacks each). Asking for either a fix in recognition of order (in first set of 3, there’s a one-hand jumpjack portion that’s 2nd of three, and in second set of 3 jumpjacks, there’s a one-hand jumpjack portion that’s 1st of three. 2nd of three =/= 1st of three) OR, have all the jumpjack portions in this part require two-hands.
-[01:22.099] Change the 8th here to an early 192nd, to mirror the one that was placed at 01:07.320.
-File’s going to need a fair bit of polishing before getting into the game, but nothing that is compromising the chart in nature. Notes marked with a double asterisk should be fixed at the bare minimum before acceptance. Conditional.

Got the Row (ositzxz369) [7.5*/10]
ositzxz369’s Comments:
We got other Drumcorps songs in FFR already.

Judge Notes:
> Music offset is good (No changes necessary).
> No issues found within simfile properties. No issues found within the submission folder.
-[00:14.476] Would have loved to see some orange color theory on this [13] jump here, to pair it up with existing color theory in this section.
(**)-[00:15.491] The first set of triplet jacks at each of these sections are actually a weird 32nd breakdown jack, with the first note landing on a 32nd at 00:15.679, followed by a 16th at 00:15.759, and a third, yet more silent pullback on the guitar 32nd happening at 00:15.839. This process happens again at [00:18.920], [00:22.348], and [00:25.777].
-[00:43.991] Again, would have loved to see some of the same color theory shown, applied to the three 4th jumps here.
-[00:50.634] Unsure of the reasoning behind the hand accenting for these notes in particular compared to the breakdown that just finished, other than the shouting vocal that is mostly only viable on the first one. Also, could swap to a different set of arrows for the 3rd and 4th one to display the change in pitch.
-Interesting breakdown of a short song. I personally like it, needs some small restructuring of jack section intros though, as the current triplets don’t really describe the guitar that well in those specific spots. Only really needs fixing there, and then is good to go (the note that contains a double asterisk at the start).
(**)-While we do indeed have Drumcorps songs in-game, they fall under the Cock Rock Disco label, which all songs in-game so far have been released by said label. I don’t see this particular song released under the Cock Rock Disco label. Proof will be required, showing that the song was released in some form or medium under the label, before acceptance.

Make Eggs, Eat Eggs (Psychotik) [8.5/10]
Psychotik’s Comments:
Licensed under CC BY 3.0
Judge Notes:
> Clarification on licensing: Song falls under Attribution 3.0 Unported via CC-BY 3.0 (CC 3.0 - Free to copy & redistribute, remix, transform & build, even commercially. BY - Provide appropriate credit for the original composition.)
> Music offset is good (No changes necessary).
> No issues found within simfile properties. No issues found within the submission folder.
-[00:17.740] Missing a heavy 16th single here.
-[00:19.263] & [00:30.513] Relatively small nitpicks here, but the triplet singles after these specific jumps are leading off of an arrow that shares a column with the jump, while the rest do not. Might make for cleaner readability at this level to keep the trend and move the starting arrow in the triplets to a column that doesn’t share a jump.
-[00:44.107] 4th Jump here.
-[01:00.045 -> 01:03.795] I think something really neat can be done here by incorporating earlier stated patterns from the intro. In regards to the piano kicks, like a 16th at 01:00.162, and omitting the 16th at 01:00.396. Same thing at 01:01.920.
-[01:18.795 -> 01:22.545] Same situational suggestion as the one above.
-Fantastic music choice. Loved every bit of it. A banger that I’m sure the community will love.

NEO GRAVITY (Cranky Remix)-RS2018 edit-(bmah)[8.0/10]
bmah’s Comments:

Judge Notes:
> Music offset is good (No changes necessary).
> No issues found within simfile properties. ‘.dwi’ found within the submission folder. Consider removing.
-[00:33.538 -> 00:35.356] colorized guitar breakdown is a tad messy and could use some clean-up. Could probably do without most 4ths & 8ths in this section.
-[00:56.456 -> 00:57.910] & [01:08.092 -> 01:09.546] I’m all for the hand emphasis in these sections. However, the second section is a bit over the top and feels quite crowded to me. Could use a dial back on the quads to hands, and the hand at 01:08.819 being adjusted to a single to capture the vocals better (or a jump, but then the single at 00:57.183 should probably also be a jump).
-[01:27.649] Missing 16th jump. Repeat issue at 01:39.285.
-Very catchy, and fun to play. We definitely need more Eurobeat in FFR, haha. Majority of stuff after the break at 01:24.104 was beautiful, and by far my favorite.

Nuke Blast (samurai7694 vs James May) [5.0/10]
James May’s Comments:
Collab file from like 2017 or something like that. Found it, cleaned it a tiny bit, gave it some modern touch ups B) Don't worry, the file isn't unplayable. Just has a lot of James Mayisms along with stuff Luis/Samurai put on in it when we worked on it haha. Sorry not sorry
Blanket permission as indicated from

Judge Notes:
> Music offset for song is off by +0.011 (Submitted with a music offset of -0.040 via ArrowVortex). Please change to -0.029 to fix. All timestamps in this review will be based off of this change.
> No issues found within simfile properties. Small warning of mp3 name containing multiple periods may cause compatibility issues in reading filename. But other than that, no issues found in the submission folder.
-Firstly, without looking at the file in its entirety, just want to make clear that I see a lot of color usage in the file as well, and you might want to consider making changes to those color-edits based on the music offset being changed, because a lot of the color changes were correctly synced, but the original sync for the file was not.
-[01:19.886] Missing 8th. (See 01:10.743.)
-[01:26.886] Missing 4th. (See 01:14.600.)
-[01:28.457] 48ths here might need some toning down. At this BPM, you are closing in on 1-framer & 0-framer proximity, similar in case to ‘Unconnected.’ in FFR. High chance of conversion to hands, and with the [24] split on the second one, is proving to be nasty.
-[01:29.029] Missing the 8th coming out of the 48ths.
-[01:40.957] Missing 16th.
-[01:42.671] Noticing a lot of missing 16ths from swing tech happening in this later portion of the song.
-[01:43.743] Any way to convince you to maybe steer away from 210bpm 16th one-handed jumpjacks?
-[01:44.029 -> 01:44.457] Entire right-hand jack breakdown here is a mess. It’s 32nds skip patterning, needs to be changed as such. (32nd at 01:44.136, and so on and so forth.)
-[01:46.314] Again, very awkward breakdown. There is a major jump on the 4th that ends this right here, but trails on for just a bit long. The final 48th here is probably not necessary. As for the following jumps, was looking for a one-two pattern for each of them, but only got a jump out of each. Pretty noticeable that this portion is missing a fair bit. (See 02:04.814. Has a similar one-two pattern that is being mentioned.)
-[01:48.505] Silence tech. Lol. Probably not necessary.
-[01:53.386] Missing 16th.
-[01:54.314] Same breakdown situation as the note at 01:44.029 -> 01:44.457. These are 32nds skip patterning. 32nd at 01:54.421, and continue from there.
-[01:55.457] Straight up missing a burst. Gonna call it here.
-The file is missing a lot of small components in the later half of the file, both in missing arrows, and beat consistency. Not purely a sync issue. Needs a lot of fixes in the later half.

PhonDrome! (Ghost_Medley) [7.5/10]
Ghost_Medly’s Comments:
Song from BOFXV2019, permissions allowed under BMS of Fighters Open Source Audio permissions.
Original page:

Judge Notes:
> Music offset is good (No changes necessary).
> No issues found within simfile properties. No issues found within the submission folder.
-[00:11.475] Eh, really silent grace here, same with the following few notes. Works though, so ‘aite.
-[00:25.318] Starting here, the jack breakdown (outside of the long jumptrill roll bursts) is the hardest part of the song, due to repeat jacks on the same hand, despite being minijacks. Sticks out the worst at 00:26.265, 00:26.897, 00:29.423, and the long triplet run at 00:36.686 -> 00:37.318. Doesn’t really compare to the major chorus that starts at 01:18.370.
-[00:29.423] This 32nd measure is 24ths. While I appreciate the pattern preservation within the section, the accuracy of what notes are involved can be improved.
-[00:46.791] This entire section until the break is bloody gorgeous.
-[01:56.423] Absolutely rude. Players are going to have no choice but to hit these as jumpjacks, unless they are comfortable with streaming around 280bpm 16ths, which is unlikely for the majority of players. Same with the one at 01:58.318. Going to need adjusting to these to require 2 hands for the trills before getting in.
-Very catchy beat for a song. Could use some small patterning fixes for playability, but by no means a miss. Mostly just need fixes for the 32nd section that should be 24ths, and the one-handed patterns in the ending could be pulled back.

Sail On (Storn42) [9.5/10]
Storn’s Comments:
Cut version of the song. hooray for septuplets!
we still got master plan perms:

Judge Notes:
> File appears to be either a live performance, or unmastered studio recording. As a result, sync via song is a bit sketch, but the current sync used is fine.
> No issues found within simfile properties. No issues found within submission folder contents.
-Don’t really have much to even nitpick about on this file really. Very comfortable to play, quite natural in rhythm. I could argue that [00:37.887 -> 00:44.148] is isolated to one hand at a time for an extended period of time and that in itself makes the section partially dull, but it’s more of a personal preference. Very nice job mate.

Son of Robot (Pizza69)[6.5/10]
Pizza69’s Comments:
We have blanket permissions for Rise Records, which Dance Gavin Dance is signed with.
Low 70s-ish jack file

Judge Notes:
> Music offset is good (No changes necessary).
> No issues found within simfile properties. No issues found within submission folder contents.
-[00:54.821] These sections might be better color-wise, at 109bpm. Majority of 218bpm accenting is coming from screamo/drum-heavy sections, like the one starting at 00:26.747, where-as this section is more akin to the jack sections like the one at 01:21.243. Repeat situation for the section starting at 02:15.738.
-[00:54.821 -> 00:55.509] Clean these minijacks to be triplet jacks, like the rest of the section.
-[01:20.554] 16th here should be starting a minijack into the following jump, to maintain earlier patterning at 01:13.949, and also maybe move it out of the same column as the other minijacks before it.
-[01:47.252] Missing 16th.
-[02:33.903] Previous instances of this breakdown here have been jump - minijack - jump - minijack - jump - minijack into jump. Don’t see anything that would push the change to this spot specifically. Some consistency among sections would be very nice.
-[02:34.866] Same note as the one above.
-[02:41.472] Same 16th for consistency.
-[02:42.986 -> 02:43.536] What happened to the longjack?
-[03:10.233 -> 03:11.059] Guitar in this portion is noticeably absent, despite guitar being charted over drums in the very next section.
-[03:48.215] Not a super fan of the ending. Majority of the notes here don’t match up with where they are supposed to go, and given the ending of the song, would probably just be fit to put a jump right at the beginning and then a single where you want it to end, if you want players to listen to the ending.
-Quite a beautiful song that utilizes a lot of different changes not only in harmony but in music as well. However, the chart requires both a lot of consistency work, and a few errors cleaned up. Hoping the file gets worked on. Would love to see it in-game.

Spring of Fierce Vindication (M0nkeyz) [7.5*/10]
M0nkeyz’s Comments:
Clonepa blanket permission.
breakcore song aimed at around level 70 difficulty.

Judge Notes:
> Music offset is good (No changes necessary).
> No issues found within simfile properties. No issues found within submission folder contents.
-[00:00.858, 00:03.525, 00:06.191, 00:08.858, 00:11.525, 00:14.191, 00:16.858] Consider dropping some of the 8ths in this intro section here to provide emphasis to the established opening hold at 00:00.191. Also adds a level of variety to structure other than straight 8th stream for 20 seconds.
-[01:25.191] Missing 8th, from the vocals and ambient that is presumably being layered here for break.
(**)-[02:13.691 -> 02:22.691] Nearly 10 seconds of silence here, with a drum going off in the back. Going to need something here.
-[02:42.191] Not much complaint in the breakcore sections, besides this [23] jump here being particularly quiet and may be worth downgrading to a single.
-[02:49.358] Missing 4th. Might want to consider adding one at 01:18.691 as well to fit the bill.
-[02:55.858] Missing 8th. Same as the one at 01:25.191.
-[03:08.858] Same situation as the previous jump that may warrant downgrading to single based on relation to other jumps in its jumptrill, like at 02:42.191.
-Venetian Snare vibes if anything from this file. Pretty sure it's going to get the ‘My Half’ treatment if it goes in-game. Nothing majorly broken with the file. Will need a fix to the 10 seconds of silence before going in though. Lots of different opportunities within that span given the intro of the song was charted, so it shouldn’t be too difficult.
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