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Default Re: Nov/Dec 2019 Set 5

Blade Pitch (M0nkeyz)
Rating: [5/10]

- 1.510/1.840/(etc): same notes in chart structure that aim to follow the melody, but different pitches in said melody; additionally: 1.840 and 2.170 are also the same note -- listen a bit more carefully and ensure that everything lines up appropriately
- 4.477/4.807: ^
- as a whole, iím not really fond of the structure; itís generally undifferentiated as the song progresses and as a result, the song absolutely trudges along while being played
- 21.455: to give the chart a bit more differentiation from the opening in terms of appearance/pacing, it might be a good idea to actually double the BPM here, since the percussion makes a prominent appearance
- 26.071: this is a good point of discussion here; perhaps not done this way intentionally as a result of your layering structure, but this five note sequence of jumps highlights the bass drums and snare drums with repeated notes which is a nice added detail (I say itís not done intentionally because a second instance happens at 36.620 but itís not represented in the same way).
- in reference to the above note: 21.455/24.093 is three kicks and could be a three note connection, 27.060 is a snare and two kicks, 30.027 is two kicks and a snare -- the jumps donít really align with this, likely because youíre trying to maintain the pitch relevance while also holding this layering scheme
- 31.510: kick and three snares here; this is where your layering structure actually fails you - it leaves you with a general inability to follow what youíre trying to follow without visually looking strange, as the more prominent three-snare hit makes the two [DU] jumps look erroneous given that youíre trying to place precedence on the melody
- 48.323: missing note for kick
- 52.444: this is a correct example of what 31.510 could look like
- 53.928: missing note for melody
- 1:01.016: youíve got a nice opportunity for creating layering around the melody in such a way where you can actually put a six-note repeating sequence that happens three times
- 1:26.977: whyís there an interruption in the stream here?
- 1:51.455: nice catch on the repeating melody here and at 1:52.744
- 2:13.213: opportunity for a three-note repetition here (you donít quite follow through the whole way)
- 2:20.136: improper representation here; threeís three [UR] jumps, one of which plays with no melody, the other two which fall on a bass and a snare and a bass-kick respectively; thereís no real clear representation here
- more of the same things continue to show up as time goes on; not accomplishing much by mentioning them all
- this fileís got some structural accuracy at points, but the overall layering concept basically does not change in the over 3 minutes that the song plays, which makes the file absolutely slog along, unfortunately

bruh (Qrrbrbirbel)
Rating: [3/10]

- thereís so many things wrong with this particular submission; Iím legitimately appalled that the file was submitted in this state.
- first off, the audio file attributes indicate that the bitrate of this audio file is 320 Kbps, yet the vocal sampleís overall timbre would indicate something of that which is much lower.
- normalize the volume on your audio file; the audio clips at approximately 660ms in and is in that clipped state for approximately 25% of that
- approximately 100ms before the actual intonation of the ďbruhĒ is an attack that the original does not have, bordering on a multi-syllabic sample, which inaccurately pays homage to the original that has a simple yet very punchy ďbruhĒ. 30-40ms would be a more acceptable value of attack prior to the enunciation of the ďbruhĒ, but make sure you remove that added b-sound prior to it
- the pitch that is used for the ďbruhĒ is noticeably incorrect, so much so that playing it side by side with the original produces a notable dissonance; additionally, the tone of the original actually presents a polyphonic feel - that is, the upper, more noticeable enunciation of the ďbruhĒ is actually accompanied by a much lower, bass tone; your voice doesnít have that level of depth, it just sounds super empty
- given the lack of polyphonics and the fact that it is a dull and rather mute tone, you might be better off representing it either as a single note or multiple notes for the descension in pitch (the pitch drops noticeably basically as the sample concludes); that being said, given the lack of depth in the vocal sample itself, a [DU] jump does work the best because it indicates some tightness
- with an audio file of 1280ms long, you have submitted this chart with an audio file that has approximately 625ms of silence - just shy of half of the audioís duration. Remove any unnecessary silence, please.
- meta-data inconsistency between the simfile and the audio: the simfile has the title listed as ďbruhĒ but the audio fileís metadata has it titled ďBruhĒ; please resolve this inconsistency
- remove your name from the credit field of the simfile; the only place your name should be present is on the folder of the chart itself
- (serious note: donít submit this again as it should rightfully never be accepted)

Dogs (Herkkupala & DourGent)
Rating: [6/10]

- seems like the R arrow in the intro follows the ďhey!Ē sampling, so jumps like 3.726/etc could probably be something like [DU] instead just for a bit more visual recognition (that being said, it flows pretty nicely).
- 7.418: layering structure is fine overall, but this pattern repetition makes things a bit draggy since youíre pointed to atonal percussion, so changing patterns here might be alright
- 19.187: not entirely sure what this jump goes to (whatever it attempts to follow is a bit too far back to pay attention to)
- 20.572: from what Iím hearing, according to 21.034/21.495 - this minijack should be removed
- in general, there seems to be conflicting/inconsistent structure for representation percussion; numerous instances of 64th bursts exist and are only selectively accented with random color transposition
- 27.495: the repeating [UR]-D-[LUR] is nice; perhaps the triple can be broken into a three-note flam to accent the time-stretched/distorted snare?
- 35.687/36.149: missing note for percussion
- 52.360: very noticeable misrhythm
- 1:00.957: at effectively 260 BPM 16ths, Iím barely ok with mini-jacks even being used in the first place; Iím absolutely not alright with mini-jacks that are created for this kind of accenting; drop the last jump before the triple and make it a single
- 1:01.649: mini-jacks here can and should be removed
- 1:03.784/1:04.130: more missing percussion notes
- 1:05.341: super loud snare hit only gets a single note?
- 1:12.495: see 1:00.957
- 1:17.572: ^, etc - not going to keep bringing these up; with how FFR conversion works, these can potentially create one-frame separated jumps into triples
- 1:20.803: being forced to use 7-notes here makes the four note accents for snares earlier on in the song stand out as a bit overaggressive (itís good that you had foresight to not try and do 7 jumps here, just a thought though)
- 1:24.495: single note instead of a jump here; all other jumps very clearly follow loud and noticeable kicks
- 1:26.226/etc: these minijacks donít seem to be consistently applied in this section (what makes them unrepresentable at 1:28.072/1:28.995/etc?)
- 1:53.341: should be a three-note minijack if youíre following that percussive clicking
- 1:55.764: missing note for kick
- 1:59.803: nope, not at this tempo on FFR
- 2:00.610: missing note for snare
- 2:01.187: no accent for the snare buzz here despite doing it two times earlier within two seconds? Seems a bit odd to omit here.
- 2:05.341: the instrument youíre correctly following as a repeated instrument is pretty far in the background of the music, making the motion a lot more jarring than it should feel
- 2:05.457/etc: more missing stuff between the two 16ths? These gaps are very odd at times.
- 2:27.957: rude
- 2:43.418: feels a bit empty here given the synth actually is choppy and pretty easy to discern a rhythm
- 2:55.995: some noticeably missing kicks here
- 3:10.995: more missing kicks
- 3:11.803: this is just 32nds, not this weird polyrhythm youíve got here
- concept of the file is there and thereís some decent stylistic decisions at times; however, the structure feels inconsistent largely in the representation of kicks and overall percussion. Some rhythms can be improved as well.

Iíll Never Forget You (Matthia)
Rating: [8.5/10]

- very very easy file for a Terminal 11 song? neat!
- while I understand the use of the triple at 1:37.976, Iíd personally remove it for a file this easy; the repeating note coming into that accent isnít the most important to be visually represented
- nice color association structure, itís tastefully done
- given the proficiency youíve shown here, iím interested in your takes on more difficult stuff; please continue to submit!

Kirlian Voyager (Ghost_Medley)
Rating: [7.5/10]

- 47.337: very tasteful on breaking your layering rules to prevent mini-jacks for this representation; itís consistently applied and keeps the difficulty relatively tame as a result
- 54.837: three repeated notes for a kick-kick-snare where the third note is a jump that doesnít clearly follow a melodic element, making it relatively easy to shift around
- 1:20.272: opportunity for a nice accent on the repeated guitar sampling there - can be as simple as adding a single color accent (teal/green/white)
- 1:37.228: another three note situation where a melodic note doesnít fall
- 1:50.598: move this D out of the way to separate the accenting from the upcoming kicks
- as a whole, the pitch relevance in this can be improved
- fileís good enough for queue in current state

Lyrith (DarkZtar)
Rating: [8/10]

- offset changed from 0.592 to 0.601 (+9 ms)
- 7.365/8.551: missing piano note
- 8.551: missing jump for timpani (you follow these at 6.856/7.195 in the same phrase - likely missed as a result of the piano kinda hiding)
- 11.263: missing jump (thereís also a piano note here as well)
- 22.788: acceptable representation; it would technically be a bit more accurate with your structure if these four triples were jumps due to 22.619 being a fuller cymbal crash
- 33.890/34.568: missing note for percussion
- 52.958: the sound carrying the minijack doesnít continue into the cymbal + kick, so detach that down arrow; on the flip side, you could very acceptably do a three note jack into a triple since the accent is something youíve consistently represented as such throughout the chart
- 55.246: this would be an accurate example of a good application for the situation at 22.788
- 1:08.890: this sequence is disproportionately more uncomfortable than others in this section due to a LL/DD - might want to rethink that one
- 1:15.415: missing note for synth
- 1:43.043: missing note for harp(sichord?)
- 1:53.297: nope
- 1:55.218: these synths are actually not on 12th notes, but they do have a delayed attack to them - itís closer to a 48th note after the 8th note
- this chartís a fucking asshole
- itís a good chart
- but itís a fucking asshole

Monopole (klimtkiller)
Rating: [7.5/10]

- in general, PR could be improved
- by following the snares of the percussion alongside of the kicks, the opening layering seems very overly aggressive
- by holding the piano as a forced jump, the layering remains extremely aggressive for the song and also doesnít allow for much differentiation when the guitar comes in
- thankfully, it doesnít feel draggy because the instrumentation does change between phrases
- 64th note flams for dissonant pianos are a nice touch
- 21.832: ghost note; nothing plays there
- 1:04.245: ^
- 1:11.484/etc: this particular note for the percussion is very frequently missed in this section (this ďamen breakĒ has a consistent rhythm of x-x-|x-xx|xxxx|x-xx in 16th notes); to be more clear, 1:12.678 is correct having seven notes in a row, but 1:11.484 is not - 1:15.066 is correct, but 1:13.872 is not, etc.
- in general, Iím not a fan of this structural approach youíve taken
- that said, itís consistent and in general, solidly applied.

Nihil Descent (Ghost_Medley)
Rating: [8*/10]

- 43.644: canít quite hear what makes the D repeat twice here; itís not the same as 43.323 (or if it is, itís not audible enough for representation)
- 45.251/etc: similar situation; the snare seems to drown out the sound used to represent that earlier repetition in some spots - this particular circumstance actually happens quite a few times in the song
- 46.751: on the flip side, this is what I consider to be more accurate (and what I expected for 45.251)
- 48.144: incorrect rhythm; should be 24th notes starting at 48.037
- 1:14.876: missing 32nd note for guitar here
- 1:15.358: missing note in that sequence as well
- 1:30.037: notwithstanding the fact that the jumps are already a significant difficulty spike being [12][34], this is a five note, 280 BPM split-handed 16th jumptrill, far beyond anything in the chart thusfar
- indifferent on the color shift; donít particularly like it but I can understand the purpose for using it
- chart is good overall
- conditional queue on adjustment of those split-handed 32nd jumps

Polaris (DarkZtar)
Rating: [5.5/10]

- offset changed from -0.060 to -0.052 (-8ms)
- 28.496: not entirely certain behind why thereís a 5-note extension after the triple -- thereís a sound effect that plays for 3-notes twice but the second instance at 28.829 isnít accommodated for (though I suppose it could be omitted due to being faded, I dunno)
- 29.496/etc: these repeated notes stick out like a sore thumb to me; thereís no kicks or anything that create that repeat unless youíre following the actual bass itself, but youíd have a lot more in the way of jacks in that case
- the earlier streams with jumps feel a bit lackluster in representation with layering
- the chorus (1:16.496) streams open out really nicely with that trilly-accenting, but kinda falls off in terms of proper structure (missing jump at 1:26.274, missing trill accent at 1:27.163, jumps at 1:28.940 to break up the stream donít feel quite right either)
- 1:37.829/etc: layering gets a bit funky here, jumps at 1:38.607/1:38.829 for instances of synths? Maybe two kicks? But 1:40.385/1:40.607 are missing them - 1:40.496 only plays a kick yet has two notes for it, jumps at 1:41.607/1:42.052 detract from the 32nd accenting of the melody
- 1:46.496: likely evidence to prove that the second jump that exists in the same melody for the other synth doesnít exist
- chart approach isnít quite consistent enough to be queueíd; some details can definitely be improved

S (ositzxz369)
Rating: [7.5/10]

- my fucking ears are bleeding; this is by far the worst Venetian Snares song Iíve heard in terms of mastering and overall presentation
- 22.638: this sequence isnít very good compared to some other things you do a bit later in the chart; you can keep up those spin/roll alternations but itíll look visually cooler if you can match up the feel of the pattern changing as the sound does
- 1:11.893: should also be a jump; this sequence is two kicks
- 1:14.760/1:16.281/etc: ^
- 1:28.618: this technically apply for a few earlier instances as well; given that these kicks change in sets of 4 every beat, you might be better off leaving out the last jump (1:28.905 in this case) in the set of four so that youíre properly accenting the start point of the new sequence (in this case, you have 1:29.000 as a single note which doesnít effectively accent the start of the new sound)
- as much as I despise this song, the chart is executed well enough to be queued

Senki Dala (Deamerai)
Rating: [8.5/10]

- good novice chart, proper relevance employed
- introductory chart for beginners to get used to triples!

Silly Videogame Bleep Bloops (Psychotik)
Rating: [7/10]

- look at you getting cheeky with color play and stuff! In general, I actually really like the color accenting here. You keep separating your ITG-self from your keyboard-self more and more as you submit, which is a nice thing to see
- 12.741: this blip would be best quantized as 24ths
- 58.212/etc: technically, these parts of the PacMan melody should be three notes instead of two -- however, the more major issue to me is the last flam - remove the last note at 58.962, because the melody unambiguously stops right at that first white note
- 1:13.895: this section is actually really cute; watch yourself on the rhythms at 1:14.702/1:16.549/1:18.395/etc - those should actually be 3/64th away from the next 4th note.
- 1:46.202: this back and forth 32nd sequence is also a really nice touch
- 1:50.818: the first half of this phrase is (mostly) copy/paste from the first time it happens
- 2:01.443: right after this 192nd should be another white note to catch the last note of the PacMan melody
- 2:04.664: this 24th note trill doesnít follow anything musically and the Sonic-stopping sound is accented completely differently in another location, so it might be best to refer to that accent as opposed to a very stringent and fixed pattern like this (the last three 48ths at 2:05.048 are ok, though)
- parts of this chart are really well executed and Iím a fan; the color tricks and some of the aggression that you provide in this are different and honestly, very refreshing coming from you
- however, Iím not the most content with the overall structure in the more extraneous sections; layering is pretty simplistic which is fine, but there are a lot of repeated 8th notes throughout the chart that donít have a clear justification behind why theyíre used (or at least, one that is consistently applicable).
- comb through the chart structure and more clearly clarify the things that youíre paying attention to, beyond simply using jumps for kicks/snares in the ďless importantĒ sections - make it unambiguous exactly what youíre chasing after and this chart will likely be the best youíve submitted so far.

Utopia (Deamerai)
Rating: [7.5/10]

- pitch relevance in intro can be improved by changing the repeating 3rd/4th jumps to be higher in precedence than the 2nd one
- 4.219: move to U to highlight percussion repetition?
- 6.519: missing guitar note
- 36.818: a built up version of the opening intro melody, so pitch relevance note can apply to parts of this as well
- 47.619: better as a [UR] jump because your two previous guitar notes were [LR]
- short, sweet, nothing major wrong and queueable as is
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