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Default Re: 2019 September/October Set 3

reviewed by TC_Halogen

Fast Fissure (Atomhead Remix) [choof] {Annwn}
Rating: 7.5/10 [+.]
- offset is way off (changed from -5.892 to -5.938)
- thankfully, thatís the worst thing about this chart
- very regimented and extremely strict structure, but for this song, it works nicely
- 36.795: change these patterns up a bit so theyíre not directly identical with the opening; the overall jump/minijack motif can stay, just donít make exactly the same as the opening again
- 1:09.259/1:09.580: that high-pitched distorted synth could use a bit more of an accent given that it coincides with a jump at 1:09.045 and is most likely the most audible/paid attention to sound in this particular section
- 1:10.652/etc: given your overall structure, these feel like missed opportunities to utilize mini-jacks (1:10.652/1:10.759, 1:10.973/1:11.080)
- 1:10.866: missing note
- spikes are a little nasty in this chart, but in my opinion not quite enough to push away
- tweak up the file a bit by improving some of the mini-jack placement
- good enough for queue imo; it actually plays really well and is quite enjoyable
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