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Default Re: 2019 September/October Set 7

Some stuff lost in limbo:

Masterpiece (psychoangel691) [8.5/10]
> Sync is good (No changes necessary).
> No issues found within simfile properties). ‘Sm.old’ file found within simfile folder contents. Suggest removing.

-Those are some tasty 12th jacks, wish there could be a few more jump to single triplet jack connections in the first portion of the 12th sections (starting at 0:50.607). The second 12th jack section starting at 2:10.001 is perfect.
-[1:06.970] Missing jump. [34] Would work well here.
-[1:08.182] Minor suggestion, the 12th jack here pulls away in pitch from the other 12ths here, similar to the previous 12th one beat ago at 1:07.728.
-[2:24.773] Ghost 24th. Also suggest to change the 4th prior to the 24th (at 2:24.698) to a jump, to reflect the jump earlier at 1:04.697.

Super fun file to get into the meat of with the jack sections. Solid.

Psychotik's 'Flight of the Bumblebee' is the last unjudged in this set. Want to get it done before I head to work tomorrow (I start work at 10pm EST).
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