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Default Re: 2019 September/October Set 7

Stadium Wave (kainivy) [2.5/10]

> Unable to find definitive proof on FFR Website, from the in-game engine, wiki, or online (via Creative Commons licensing) that we have permission to have this song in-game. Going to need some form of proof from stepauthor of permissions either by Pre-existing Creative Commons licensing, or by private licensing by Private Messaging/Communication to allow this song in-game.
> BPM is correct, sync is off by roughly -0.03 via Music Offset (Meaning, the first bar with the BPM setting, starts at [00:00.030]). Requires fixing. These changes will reflect the timestamps of notes for this file.
> No issues found within simfile properties. ‘’ and ‘sm.old’ files found within simfile folder contents. Suggest removing.
-Pitch relevance in general for the entire file is hit or miss for majority of the file. While it doesn’t necessarily have to be a priority the denser a file gets, it is usually a nice note to follow during slow sections and for parts that share a similarity in tune to other sections. Something to think about when looking back at 1:29.607 onwards.
-Majority of sections within the file only follow one instrument or pattern instead of layering more than one together. Gets pretty stale by the time it reaches 2:11.860.
-Pattern consistency needs a bit of cleaning as well. For example, the section starting at 0:49.044 is pretty good in itself, until it starts getting to minijacks and 3-note jacks that are either not justified based on the surrounding patterns, or misrepresented in what the section has to offer.
-[02:11.860 -> 02:25.382] Mirror’d from an earlier section. Big oof. Section also transitions into a 27 second long staircase.
-Going to end it there. Probably not what FFR is looking for in fronts of playability and fun, and not sure if we have permissions.
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