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Default Re: March/April 2017 Set 3

DarkZtar finished the primary judge task for March/April Set 3. The notes can be seen below; this thread is being moved over to Completed Sets.

[0/10] Ever So Sweet {The Early November} (Travis_Flesher)
-Wrong bpm, steps don’t go to the music, layering is completely random.
-Ctrl-R file. You could at least use the right bpm.

[0/10] Youth of the Nation {P.O.D.} (Travis_Flesher)
-Wrong bpm, steps don’t go to the music, layering is completely random.
-Ctrl-R file. At least the first 5 seconds worth of notes kind of went to the music.

[1/10] Losing My Religion {Scary Kids Scaring Kids} (Xtreme2252)
All of these random white notes need to go, they don’t go to anything.
Jump choice is pretty poor with regards to pr. (eg. 2.379 where you have [34][12][34] when the last 2 jumps should have an anchor for the repeated synth pitch.
-12.614 repeated jumps to the guitar is super lazy, especially when you have the synth still going.
-Layering in general is suuuper lazy just giving the rest of the file a playthrough.
-16.144 layering inconsistency, you have jumps to the guitar and vocals (not a very interesting layering scheme since those are the only two elements here to be honest) but a single note for this guitar note.
-16.673 why the delayed 32nd? Note fits fine onto the 8th
-17.114 all these 16ths here are ghost notes
-21.261 ghost note
-22.408 this 16th jump should be on the 8th before it
-22.761 same thing with this 16th jump
-alright, not much point going on past here, this is not close to being ready. Slow the song down, make sure you’ve got accurate note placement to the sounds that are present, remove all of the ghost notes (there are a ton throughout this file), and make sure you’ve got a consistent layering scheme going since what you have now is all over the place.
-35.202 as a rule of thumb, funky color stuff is alright for dicksyncing or color gimmics or highlighting stuff, but not for stuff like this where the rhythms are straightforward and the colors are just a result of poor syncing

[2/10] Ocean Floor {The Bunny The Bear} (Xtreme2252)
-24.959 some of the 32nds in this intro are super sketchy, but this one is a blatant ghost note.
-28.119 Alright, I’m all for glossed over streams to facilitate jumpstream memes, but when you’ve got an obvious hi-hat rhythm you can follow, this just doesn’t work. Hi-hat rhythm follows triplets, so the 16ths at 28.440, 28.869, etc are ghost notes.
-31.546 and then the 16ths stop even though the hi-hats keep going…
-32.831 you wut m8. Edit: oh ok, these jacks are supposed to go to the filtered synth in the background. Why on earth do you have jacks to acknowledge this faint background synth but have several blank sections where the hi-hat 16th triplets are present.
-sync has also drifted noticeably by this point, I suspect the bpm is incorrect
-44.827 in general avoid using jacks when they don’t specifically go to anything, or your layering scheme forces you to.
-46.755 im guessing this jack goes to the same background synth as 32.831, which shows this as another inconsistency since that jack was 4 notes and this jack is 2 notes.
-48.254 it almost feels random at this point where you have 16ths and where you don’t.
-69.247 alright this whole section is a mess. Missing notes, weird jump transitions, you name it.
-looking over the rest of the file, the same problems persist. Ending the review here
-Much of the 16th handstreams are ghost notes that are filled in, while a lot of the 8th jumpchain sections are the same music wise but treated entirely differently.
-I really implore you to just tone down all of the layering so that it is easier for you to keep track of what is going on in this file. Start off simple and work your way to more complex/progressive layering.
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