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Default Re: Rules/Submission Guidelines

Three files of the March-April 2015 batch, all from DarkZtar, have been reviewed for Pending Fixes. All of them major improvements - the conditional status for the two songs are merely very small areas that are overtly erroneous (marked in red), but nothing major now.

updated rating: 8/10
- Summary: Seems pretty good now, nothing particularly notable to point out.

updated rating: 8.5*/10
- 18.72s: 8th jump
- 28.88s: burst still preferred, but if you want to keep it as 16ths (as it follows the piano), then probably best to just remove the 16th jump
- 31.18s: I have no idea why I did not point this out earlier, but this is a very clearly missing piano note
- 69.54s: this alternatively can be stepped as 16th jumps going to the melody + bass drums (as opposed to a hand as a cymbal crash). Actually, this is what you did in earlier instances, so I recommend following that trend.
- 93.14s,114.13s: gallop to piano ornament, as you've done with other instances.
- 93.77s,114.75s: I believe this is a 3-note ornament.
- Summary: Overall this is so much better and a very fun file. The only thing I'm really asking to change are the very few areas that I think are overt errors.

Creamy Sky
updated rating: 8*/10
- 66.04s: pretty sure there's a note here, just a quiet one.
- Summary: Thanks for fixing that drumroll section. I actually am fairly confident there's a note in the one area I highlighted above - check it out. After that you're good to go.

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