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Default FFR Profile Templates

I've heard people have been looking for templates...
I'm pleased to present to FFR 2 Templates for your profile making needs! The first is a template for the 1st FFR Profile Style. The second is for the 2nd FFR Profile Style. I have included close to exact measurements (they may be a bit off depending on each profile!) and recommendations by me of where and how big some things should be. I won't do all the work though, the designing is up to you!

I realize that this may draw potential customers from profile makers, but if you guys make your profiles spiffy enough so they cannot be topped by other artists, and draw a crowd you'll still do well in drawing the too lazy, and unwilling people.

So, without further ado, here are the templates.

FFR V1 Profile Template


FFR V2 Profile Template


Invisible Header (Mandatory! Do not forget to download!)

And as a extra tidbit, here is the link to toggle your bars to a marble texture.

Have fun making profiles now.
Comments? Anything I could've done better?

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