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06-26-2005, 11:32 AM
What do you think about it? When this technology is developed, the world will change. Are you looking forward to it? Do you think it will be used properly? Post your thoughts here.

06-26-2005, 11:46 AM
He edited it, so, this works. Nano-technology is something I'm not too knowledgable on, though, I know it has to do with AI, and is very small. I'm sure will find a way to abuse/mess it up.

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06-26-2005, 04:28 PM
I believe nanotechnology is grand. Tps, I believe you are thinking about the "sci-fi" nanotechnology. Most nanotechnology is just manipulating molecules and creating new synthetic materials. Example: scientists have used nanotechnology to make rubber conduct electricity. This new advacement will make handheld technologies even more duriable than ever before since rubber is flexable and can absorb blows. Look for it in the future.

Although, I too am no expert in the field of nanotechnology...just whatever I read on engadget.com

06-26-2005, 05:09 PM
I hear the future for nanotechnology will create new opportunities for engineering that we can't even imagine today. Not only to create new technologies, but also to advance existing ones that don't appear to have any form of connection. From bio-medics to construction, every form of life will be affected.

06-26-2005, 05:15 PM
Nanorobots will be as intelligent as a computer (not very). Jewpin is correct in saying that nanotech is used to manipulate molecules to modify elements. For example, a nanobot could perfectly recreate a $100 bill, if it was programmed to do so and had access to the elements used in creating the bill. Nanobots can also create other nanobots with the proper supplies. Nanotechnology, if used in the right way, would make everyone on earth rich. Which is good, since it would put almost everyone out of buisness. Why have a farmer grow wheat and grind it to make flour when, using nanotechnology, you can instantly make as much flour as you need?

Nanotechnology will also be the most powerful weapon ever created. Nanobots can disassemble anything made of matter into basic elements. There is also the popular "grey-goo" scenario, in which nanobots continue to reproduce and disassemble matter until the only things left in our universe are nanobots.

By the way, a great book on nanotechnology is "Nano" written by John Robert Marlow, which is, I believe, scheduled to become a movie.

06-28-2005, 07:52 AM
Example: scientists have used nanotechnology to make rubber conduct electricity.

"Jimmy, don't grab that electric live wire with Dad's gloves!"
"Susie, don't be silly, rubber doesn't conduct electricity, I'll be fine."

Yeah, I can't wait until nano-technology allows us to fuse WITH THE INTERNET. Or just make cyborgs in general. I would love to be a cyborg, but I'm sure it would be expensive, and probably banned by government except for use on military. Damn government.

07-8-2005, 09:16 PM
Mmm, nanotechnology. The day when I can simultaneously replicate, spawn multiple limbs, photosynthesize, telecommunicate, and recycle my own waste; all under a steady stream of endogenous DMT. Not having to breathe is a good thing, too.

07-8-2005, 10:22 PM
gray goo lolz